Teach21 Mission and Vision

The responsibility of preparing education professionals for 21st century learners is and must be different from what our responsibility was just a decade ago. What it means to know and practice in the 21st century will be different from what was known and practiced in the 20th century.

Academic disciplines will continue to evolve, the people we teach will change and the tools necessary for someone to participate in teaching, counseling or leadership will also change over time.

We take this new responsibility seriously. Within a University whose mission describes “A community of learners improving our world,” we take responsibility and mirror the institution’s mission statement in our own Unit mission.

The mission of the Teach21 Professional Education Unit is to prepare candidates with the knowledge, skills, experience and dispositions necessary to improve the world for every P-12 student for whom they share responsibility, and for those students’ families, schools and communities.

Our vision is focused on preparing education professionals who lead and excel at meeting the persistently changing learning needs and styles of 21st century learners.

Through a continuum of clinical experiences and relevant and appropriate instructional methods, WSU graduates are prepared in a community of learners with developmentally appropriate content and pedagogical expertise, and professional dispositions to improve student learning by:

  • actively engaging in a culture of reflective practice and continuous improvement
  • demonstrating awareness of – and ability to respond to — broader psychosocial and global contexts
  • advocating for students and their learning through leadership, collaboration, innovation, flexibility, and critical thinking

We envision the unit as an integrated collection of programs that engage content, technology, and expansive clinical experience to prepare candidates with the dispositions and skills that will enable them to succeed and flourish amidst a world of change.