Out-of-State Licensure

If you are interested in also becoming licensed in another state, you will need to check the requirements for that state as each state is a bit different. Here is some information about licensure in states surrounding Minnesota.

A Minnesota license meets the requirements to apply for an Illinois provisional license, which can be used until you get a permanent Illinois license.

Licensure Application

To begin the application: 

  1. Find the Regional Office of Education (PDF) that applies to your situation. You will need to apply through the Regional Education Office nearest to your Illinois address or your parent’s Illinois address. This is also the office you will contact if you have any questions about the application process.
  2. After you find your Regional Office, review the out-of-state and foreign applicant information section on the Illinois State Board of Education website.
  3. Find the licensure you want to obtain and follow the instructions to apply. You will need to complete the forms and mail the state-approved verification form to the WSU Certification Officer (Paula O’Malley, Gild 105). According to a representative at the IL State Board of Education, you can apply for this license without including a copy of your out of state license (MN).

The instructions are also available in a printable format for your convenience: Illinois Licensure Information (PDF).

Students should obtain a Minnesota license first as the WSU Teacher Preparation Programs cover many of the standards for Iowa teacher licensure. However, WSU cannot guarantee that all Iowa standards will be met. If there are any coursework deficiencies, a regional exchange license can be issued.

Additional Requirements

Students must also pass the Praxis II exams in order to get provisional and permanent licensure. Candidates will be required to take two tests, the ETS Principles of Learning and Teaching pedagogy test and a content area test.

There are four grade level versions of the ETS Principles of Learning and Teaching test and candidates will choose the grade level most appropriate for their preparation level. Candidates will choose a content test according to their major content area of preparation for licensure. Candidates adding endorsements will not be tested on additional endorsements.

No candidates are required to take more than two tests, though they may have additional endorsements. This means that, for instance, an elementary education major adding a special education endorsement will take the appropriate PLT pedagogy assessment and the 0014/5014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge assessment. This candidate will not take a test in special education content.

For a list of the required assessments and passing scores, go to the Practitioner Preparation section of the Iowa Department of Education website.

Licensure Application

To apply for an Iowa license, complete the Out-of State Application packet (PDF).

Note: Do not send the WSU Certification Officer the pages with the Teaching endorsement codes (we already have these documents).

The instructions are also available in a printable format for your convenience: Iowa Licensure Information (PDF).

Licensure Application Directions

Teacher Preparation Completers who meet the MN Tier 3 Teaching license requirements can apply via the WI Electronic Form directions:

  1. Review the directions ELO First-time Application “Tips for Teachers Prepared outside Wisconsin”. Complete the PI-1612 Institutional Endorsement applicant part of the form and mail to: Paula O’Malley, WSU Certification Officer, Gildemeister 105/CS 222, Winona State University, P.O. Box 5838, Winona, MN 55987-5838. If you meet all the MN Tier 3 licensing requirement, this form will be signed and mailed back to you for your electronic application.
  2. When your degree has been posted on your transcripts, complete the transcript upload process. WSU transcripts can be ordered through the Ordering Transcripts webpage.
  3. Complete the electronic fingerprint process; directions are listed.  
  4. If you did not meet the edTPA score (38 with the 15 rubrics) and/or have not passed the FORT Reading Test, then you can request a 1-Year License with Stipulations to teach (effective July through June of the next year). The student needs to upload a letter with their electronic application stating they want a 1-Year License with Stipulations & identify the testing issue.

Special Education and/or Elementary Education Majors; Must pass the Foundations of Reading Test (FORT). Plan to upload the score report to your WI electronic application. WSU is not responsible for this additional exam.

In Wisconsin all first-time teachers must teach for 3 years to receive a permanent license. WI. requires 18 weeks of student teaching and MN requires 16 weeks of student teaching for licensure. WI will issue the license with a stipulation. This is still a valid license to teach in WI School Districts. You will not have to complete more student teaching weeks, because your 18 weeks of teaching in your job will fulfill this requirement.

Conservation of natural resources (WSU, BIO 104 or BIO 315) is required for majors and/or minors in Elementary, Elementary with Early Childhood, Social Studies, Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and General Science.

Majors and Minors; All Elementary majors need to have either Early Childhood (Birth to 6th grade) or a Middle Level Content minor (1st to 8th grade-no Kindergarten) with their Elementary major. Candidates who have a middle level minor with a teaching major other than Elementary must have the Middle Level Content Minor in the same secondary discipline. For example, an Art Teaching major with a Middle Level Math minor will not receive the middle level Social Studies endorsement in WI. Some licensure areas may have more classes required. The WI DPI will send you a letter stating any differences.

: Candidates can email Liza Marzinke if they have questions after thoroughly reading the WI DPI out of state applicant directions. Anyone graduating from a teacher prep program outside of WI is considered an out of state applicant.

Note: WSU is the teacher preparation program and adheres to the MN License requirements. The State Department of licensing in any given state is the authorized licensing agency. WSU is not liable for licensure requirements in other states.

Additional Coursework Requirements

Some licensure areas may have more classes required in other states. Wisconsin requires Elementary majors to have Early Childhood or a Middle Level Content Minor (English, Math, Social Studies or Science) with their Elementary major. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will send you a letter stating any differences. WSU is not the licensure body so WSU cannot mandate these requirements when another state has different requirements from Minnesota. WSU is not liable for licensure requirements in other states.

Wisconsin also requires adequate preparation in conservation of natural resources (WSU, BIO 104 or BIO 315) and preparation in Native American cultures (WSU, EFRT 308).