Out-of-State Licensure

If you are interested in also becoming licensed in another state, you will need to check the requirements for that state as each state is a bit different. Here is some information about licensure in states surrounding Minnesota.

A Minnesota license meets the requirements to apply for an Illinois provisional license, which can be used until you get a permanent Illinois license.

Licensure Application

To begin the application: 

  1. Find the Regional Office of Education (PDF) that applies to your situation. You will need to apply through the Regional Education Office nearest to your Illinois address or your parent’s Illinois address. This is also the office you will contact if you have any questions about the application process.
  2. After you find your Regional Office, review the out-of-state and foreign applicant information section on the Illinois State Board of Education website.
  3. Find the licensure you want to obtain and follow the instructions to apply. You will need to complete the forms and mail the state-approved verification form to the WSU Certification Officer (Paula O’Malley, Gild 105). According to a representative at the IL State Board of Education, you can apply for this license without including a copy of your out of state license (MN).

The instructions are also available in a printable format for your convenience: Illinois Licensure Information (PDF).

Students should obtain a Minnesota license first as the WSU Teacher Preparation Programs cover many of the standards for Iowa teacher licensure. However, WSU cannot guarantee that all Iowa standards will be met. If there are any coursework deficiencies, a regional exchange license can be issued.

Additional Requirements

Students must also pass the Praxis II exams in order to get provisional and permanent licensure. Candidates will be required to take two tests, the ETS Principles of Learning and Teaching pedagogy test and a content area test.

There are four grade level versions of the ETS Principles of Learning and Teaching test and candidates will choose the grade level most appropriate for their preparation level. Candidates will choose a content test according to their major content area of preparation for licensure. Candidates adding endorsements will not be tested on additional endorsements.

No candidates are required to take more than two tests, though they may have additional endorsements. This means that, for instance, an elementary education major adding a special education endorsement will take the appropriate PLT pedagogy assessment and the 0014/5014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge assessment. This candidate will not take a test in special education content.

For a list of the required assessments and passing scores, go to the Practitioner Preparation section of the Iowa Department of Education website.

Licensure Application

To apply for an Iowa license, complete the Out-of State Application packet (PDF).

Note: Do not send the WSU Certification Officer the pages with the Teaching endorsement codes (we already have these documents).

The instructions are also available in a printable format for your convenience: Iowa Licensure Information (PDF).

Licensure Application

To apply for a Wisconsin license, complete the electronic application. You will need to obtain a WAMS identification number so you will be ready to access the online system. You will also want to complete the electronic fingerprint process prior to completing the electronic application because it requires an arranged appointment. If you have questions, email Julie Hagen with the WI DPI at Julie.Hagen@dpi.wi.gov.

Students will need to complete the PI-1612 Institutional Endorsement Form (PDF) and mail it to Paula O'Malley at WSU. She will sign the document if students have passed all of the MTLE required exams. The signed Institutional Endorsement form will be mailed back to you and then you will scan the form into your WI electronic application. You will also need to scan your extra Praxis II Content exams score report and your official WSU transcript and add those items to your electronic application. You can order official WSU transcripts from the Registrar Office.

The instructions are also available in a printable format for your convenience: Wisconsin Licensure Information (PDF).

Students must pass all Minnesota MTLE required licensure exams and at least one additional Praxis exam to qualify for a Wisconsin license. See the WSU Teacher Education Program (PDF) chart to find the Praxis tests required for a particular Wisconsin license. This will be a full time license in which you are qualified to teach in any public school district in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin requires 18 weeks of student teaching for licensure while Minnesota requires only 16 weeks of student teaching. It is likely that your WI license will have a stipulation regarding the two week difference in student teaching. However, you will not have to complete more student teaching weeks, because your actual 18 weeks of teaching in your first teaching job will fulfill this requirement. In Wisconsin, all first time teachers have to teach for three years to receive a permanent license.

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for more information about teacher licensure and test requirements.

Additional Coursework Requirements

Some licensure areas may have more classes required in other states. Wisconsin requires Elementary majors to have Early Childhood or a Middle Level Content Minor (English, Math, Social Studies or Science) with their Elementary major. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will send you a letter stating any differences. WSU is not the licensure body so WSU cannot mandate these requirements when another state has different requirements from Minnesota. WSU is not liable for licensure requirements in other states.

Wisconsin also requires adequate preparation in conservation of natural resources (WSU, BIO 104 or BIO 315) and preparation in Native American cultures (WSU, EFRT 308).