Teacher Education Test Preparation Resources

You are able to take the exams multiple times. However, because there is a cost each time you take a test, you will want to study beforehand. Below is a list of resources that may help you get started in your preparation for the exams.

  • Free online study guides for all 3 MTLE National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic skills Tests.
  • Summer online WSU Course; EDUC 199 "Successful Teacher Preparation” 1 credit under WSU course registration.
  • ACT plus Writing; Free study guides on the ACT website.
  • Essential Academic Skills Preparation Sandbox: This is an open-enrollment (no charge) course on the WSU learning management system referred to as D2L. Go to your student D2L site and click “Self-Registration” at the top. Click Teacher Education Test preparation to register for the Study sessions and practice tests on this site.
  • Longsdale Publishing - Improving Education One Student at a Time
    -NES On-line Course and Practice Tests.
    -Please contact Stephanie Bohlman at SBohlman@winona.edu for instructions on how to access this information.

Additional Resources for Reading

  • WSU Tutoring Center -2nd floor of WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library –students can sign up with Susan Gannaway for a Reading tutoring session.
  • Take these reading intensive classes (ENG 220, 221, or 223).

Additional Resources for Math

  • Enroll in Math 202; this course will help students prepare for the Math essential academic skills.
  • WSU Tutoring Center - 2nd floor of WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library – students can sign up NES Math session on the WSU tutoring website.
  • Khan Academy offers free help.

Additional Resources for Writing

  • Go to the NES web site and refer to the free study guide- Essential Academic Skills - Writing; write an essay from the prompt; Print out the scoring “sample strong responses”; take your essay to the English Department Writing Center; ask the Writing Center Staff to critique your essay.
  • Good preparation books which can be purchased through Amazon: Writing Skills: Success in 20 Minutes a Day (Learning Express); Reading Comprehension: Success in 20 Minutes a Day (Learning Express).
  • Take an MOOC to help with writing & grammar skills.
  • Take these writing intensive English classes (ENG 210, 211, or 222).