Student Teaching/ Special Education Practicums

Student teaching is required for all teacher education programs and is done during the final semester. The student teaching experience should be a time of enjoyment and professional growth. The time, effort and dedication you bring to student teaching will yield positive results for B-12 students.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for student teaching, the following criteria must be met:

  • Completion of all coursework required for the teaching degree prior to student teaching.
  • WSU G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher in your teaching major.
  • Grade of "C" or better in all Professional Education Sequence courses including all EDFD courses, HERS 204, and SPED 300. K-12 and 5-12 majors must also earn a "C" or better in EDUC 429 and EDFD 449. Rochester campus students should communicate with their academic advisors to learn which courses in their program are part of the Professional Education Sequence. Also, each Teacher Education program may have additional grade requirements in their major.
  • Completion of formal application materials one year in advance of the student teaching semester.
  • Pass one of the Essential Academic Skills options.
  • Documentation of professional liability insurance (EMSP membership is an option).
  • Admittance to teacher/professional education unit.
  • Criminal Background Check - A re-fresher background check is required before you start your Student Teaching semester. Depending on your placement, you will use either your placement school’s background check or WSU’s vendor, Castle Branch. The type of check you will need, and the directions to acquire it, will be noted on your placement information.

Applications are due approximately 10 months before you will student teach. They are due November 1st for fall placement the following year and April 1st for spring placement the following year. These applications can be delivered to the Office of Clinical Practice, Gildemeister 110. Notify the Office of Clinical Practice if your eligibility changes.

Placement Types and Areas

Each teacher education program requires at least 16 weeks of student teaching but the number and type of placements vary.

  • Elementary Major (Winona): one 16 week placement
  • Elementary Major (Rochester and Austin): one 6 week placement in the fall and one 10 week placement in the spring
  • Elementary/Early Childhood: 16 weeks total, but can be split between elementary and preschool
  • Elementary Major with Middle Level Minor: a 12 week placement with elementary and 4 week placement in middle school
  • Elementary Major with Two Middle Level Minors: three placements with 12 weeks in elementary, 4 weeks in first minor and 4 weeks in second minor
  • K-12 Majors: one 16 week placement
  • 5-12 Majors: one 16 week placement
  • PE/Health Majors: a 10 week placement of secondary health classroom work and a 6 week placement in elementary
  • Special Education: a 16 week placement in each licensure area
  • Double Majors: a 16 week placement in one major and 8-10 weeks in second major (May vary if majors are closely related such as TESOL and Spanish)

During the final semester of a student's academic career, students are placed in a student teaching placement. There are many school districts in which WSU holds contracts. Student teachers have a voice in which placement area. Students will select the region in which to be placed. Placements are made the semester prior to student teaching.