Mobile Device Sale

Only students who are graduating Fall 2019 are eligible to purchase their laptop and/or tablet. WSU's leasing vendor, Aspen Capital, will be conducting the sale.

Not purchasing your laptop? Return your mobile devices by Friday, December 20 to avoid late fees.

Get answers to FAQs about the sale process below.

Sale Day Details

Please read the following details carefully.


Laptop drop-off is on December 12-13 and December 16-17 from 9am-4pm. No appointment necessary.

It may take up to 1.5 hours to process your device. Laptops dropped off after 2pm will be available for pick-up the next business day.

Payment by credit card only is due upon drop-off


Winona sales are in Somsen 207. Rochester sales are in GL 118.


Payment is due at drop-off. Aspen Capital accepts Discover, Visa and Mastercard. No cash or checks.

Aspen Capital, Winona State’s leasing company, sets the prices and conducts the sale. The price is based on the number of years you have participated in the eWarrior program.

 Years in the eWarrior Program
Laptop Price
 4+ $25
 3 $100
 2 $250
 1 $350


You will need to bring your laptop to either Winona or Rochester locations so that we can re-image them at the time of purchase.

You will make your credit card payment at that time, but it can take up to 1.5 hours before your laptop will be ready for pick-up. You may leave after paying and return later to receive your laptop.


Aspen Capital allows a two-week grace period after the sale dates. There will be a $50 late fee charged in addition to the price of your laptop.

If you have extenuating circumstances please contact Tech Support prior to the sale to make special arrangements. There will be no exceptions after the two-week grace period.

Fall 2019 graduates can buy out the following devices: 

  • HPx360 17
  • MacBook Pro 17

If you currently have a 17-model laptop, you will purchase the one you have. If you have a newer device, you will return it and purchase a stock model of the same platform you returned.

You are not able to switch platforms at the time of purchase.

Yes, you are responsible for backing up any data you would like to keep prior to purchasing your laptop.

Your laptop will re-imaged (data erased) upon purchase and a clean version of the operating system will be re-installed.

If you need help to back up your data, you can contact the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) located in the Krueger Library.

At the time of sale, we will provide you with information on any remaining manufacturer’s warranty left on your laptop.

Winona State assumes no responsibility for the support of devices after the sale.

Yes, your current WSU email will remain active as long as you keep using it.

Your email account will be deactivated if it has not accessed within one year’s time.

If you choose to keep your Winona State email address, you will also have access to an Office 365 subscription.

After the buyout process, log into your WSU email from a web browser and click "Install Office" in the top right corner to download Office 365 Apps.