Exam Day Information

Bring a photo ID every time you take an exam

You should also bring any materials needed to take the exam such as Scantron forms, pens or pencils, blue books, etc. If you are a distance learner taking a paper exam bring an addressed and stamped envelope for us to return the exam to your professor.

Many exams will be proctored in the Darrell Krueger Library 207, however, if you sign up for a group proctoring event please check the location on the email reminder you receive.

  • Campus map
  • Parking Information: Metered spaces are usually available on Johnson Street directly east of Krueger Library (meters accept quarters only). Otherwise, allow for enough time to walk up to 4 blocks for free street parking.


Testing Center Policies

• All personal belongings including coats, jackets, hats, purses, study materials, backpacks and electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc.) must be stored outside the reach of the student

• Photo ID (Warrior ID card, driver's license, government issued photo ID) is required for all tests No exceptions

• Students who arrive significantly late may need to reschedule

• All test materials including scratch paper must be returned to the proctor upon test completion

No hats are allowed in the testing room with the exception of religious headwear

• Eating or drinking is not allowed during exams

• Cheating-suspected incidents will be managed in accordance with the WSU Code of Conduct

Security video cameras, monitoring software, microphones, other security-related equipment, and visual observation may be used throughout the testing rooms to ensure fairness to all examinees