Get Involved with the Theme Year

The University Theme has something for everyone, and the purpose is to get students, staff, community members thinking about new ideas, talking to others, and trying out new things.

Here’s how you can get involved with the University Theme.

Follow the University Theme Facebook Page to learn about theme events and connect with others.

Global Identity Photography Contest

Participate in the theme photography contest and help us to celebrate our global connections. Keep in mind that our identities are shaped by the places we’re from, the places we visit, and the things we see. Students and staff, you're invited to submit photos that represent your identity through the lenses of home, community, or travel.

  • Submission Deadline: Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021
  • Submit up to two photos
  • Study Abroad Photography contest submissions from April 2020 will be considered for this contest if students agreed to do so with their submissions
  • Submit photos as attachments in an email to:
    • To allow us to give your photo(s) credit, please list your name, major/department, and location (city, country) of each photo
    • Photo artists may compose and crop their images however they wish to accomplish their artistic vision
    • Images should be submitted in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png, and be of high resolution: at least 2,500 pixels wide or tall, whichever is the longest dimension, and no longer than 10 MB
    • Images should not be digitally altered or enhanced except for minor adjustments such as removing dust specks, slight color adjustments, or dodging and burning to assist the image in revealing what the human eye saw in that scene at the time
  • By submitting your photos, you agree to share them through WSU media including the website, social media, and possible print/physical or virtual exhibitions
  • Photos will be reviewed by a panel; winners will be announced in the categories “Best in Show” and “Popular Favorite”

Global Identity Photo Contest submissions can now be viewed in a virtual exhibition. When viewing the exhibition, you may either watch the virtual tour or click the map icon to visit the two “indoor” spaces and one “outdoor” space. Remember to access all three spaces by clicking the map areas or clicking to open the “doors.” 

To submit "Popular Favorite" votes, please send a list of your top 3 choices (unranked) to the theme email ( by April 2. Include the name of the photo and the photographer in your email. Winners in both categories will receive a bookstore gift card.

Help Build Interactive Maps

The Theme team has been working with WSU students and faculty in the MIS-College of Business to develop a series of interactive mapping visuals that help us as a community to understand our global connections.

You can participate by:

  • taking the survey(s) yourself
  • exploring live data visualizations of responses from the WSU community
  • incorporating this topic into your classroom or extra-curricular group conversations

What do the survey questions and visuals mean to you and to your identity or identities? What aspects of your global identities are not represented by these maps and data?

Have you had meaningful travel experiences around the U.S. or around the world? Share your connections here.Visualize other Worldly Warriors’ experiences.

Tell us about your heritage and origins! Complete our origins questionnaire here and learn more about our D2L companion resource under the Use the Theme in Your Classroom or Club section below. Visualize other Worldly Warriors' heritage and origins.

Read the Common Book

The 2020-21 Common Book is "Undocumented: A Dominican Boy’s Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League". 

This memoir which explores policy issues of immigration, education, and housing insecurity through the personal experiences of the author Dr. Dan-El Padilla Peralta.

Attend Events

Throughout the academic year, many campus events will focus on building global connections, celebrating our diverse backgrounds and exploring opportunities around the world.

Browse the Theme Event Calendar.

Use the Theme in Your Classroom or Club

In conjunction with the Origins questionnaire, we’ve developed a D2L site with resources to guide students through reflections on their own origins and the ways in which their origins influence their interactions with others. 

  • The content includes videos, worksheets, and ideas for discussion topics related to cultural intelligence, the ‘single story’ narrative, and the “I am From” poetry exercise
  • This resource is a Self-Register D2L course. To enroll, go to your D2L home, click on the Self Register button, and click Register next to the Exploring Your Origins Course listed below

If you are interested in having one of the theme team members speak to your class or group, please email

  • Describe the class or club that you are leading and let us know what types of information you would like us to share with them!

Host a Theme Event

If you want to organize and host an event for the theme, please follow these steps.

Use the Promote an Event form in MarComm Onestop to take advantage of all the on-campus promotion opportunities.

The Promote an Event form includes the option have your event listed on the University Theme Calendar.

To do this, simply select “University Theme” as your calendar category. Your event will now automatically show up on the Theme Event Calendar webpage.

If you wish to select more than one calendar category, list additional categories in the notes section on the form.

Use the Theme Graphic & Branding

To brand your event as part of the University theme, consider using theme graphics on any event posters, social media posts and other promotional materials.

For this year's theme, here are some graphics to consider using:


The theme will be using social media to showcase competence, share resources and promote events on the WSU University Theme Facebook page.

The exact method you use to track attendance at your event is up to you.

However, the theme team needs to compile attendance records for the theme final report so please email your event attendance numbers to

The theme team will be collecting data through a short survey to help measure success and make future improvements.

If you are incorporating the theme into your classroom activities, providing an assignment, or hosting an event, please ask your participants to fill out the Qualtrics survey: