Well-Connected: Piecing Together a Well You

The Learning and Community Engagement 2012-13 WSU university-wide theme, Well Connected: Piecing Together a Well You, will engage the entire campus and local community in collaborative wellness centered activities to achieve and sustain integrated wellness as a foundation for a balanced and successful life.

Winona State University’s motto is “a community of learners improving our world.” In this regard, WSU has embarked on holistic wellness and comprehensive health to foster lifelong learning and to recognize our role in the larger community.

This holistic philosophy has been manifested through the completion of the Integrated Wellness Complex.
The IWC, was identified as an institutional priority in 2006 and the 90,000-square-foot, $19 million complex was opened in September, 2010. The original WSU vision of wellness is now further enhanced and embodied in the IWC and its services and programs.