Meet Our Team

The TRIO team of staff and student workers are here to help you succeed and feel like you belong at WSU.


Nhia Yang

Program Director

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Anne Gordon

Program Assistant

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Rebecca Sims

Academic Advisor & Workshop Coordinator

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Richard Kotovich

Academic Advisor & Tutor Coordinator

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Emily Feehan

Program Assistant

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Justin Huegel

Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist

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TRIO Student Employees


Stephanie Y.

Our Mission

TRIO Student Support Service program is a community of support for first-generation students, students who come from low-income families and students with documented disabilities.

This program is designed to help these students achieve their goals. Our dedicated advisors provide customized assistance to increase lifelong learning and development for each person.

TRIO is funded by a federal grant and connected to the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA). The EOA hosts educational opportunities and provides scholarships to students in the Midwest.