Tutoring Services

Our mission is to help you meet your academic goals by providing outstanding free academic assistance, including tutoring and a Supplement to Instruction Program (S2I).

Tutors can help you understand material in a course and help you become an independent learner.

S2I can also be a wonderful tool to support your academic success. S2I leaders are current WSU students who have been successful in a course already. They are recommended by faculty and hired to facilitate group sessions to review important information related to a specific class.

If you are a currently enrolled WSU student, you qualify for free tutoring and S2I.

Tutoring Services is part of the Warrior Success Center, and actively partners with a variety of programs and departments at WSU including International Student and Scholar Services, West Campus House Interest Communities, TRIO Student Support Services and others.

Online tutoring is available for a wide range of subjects, including accounting, economics and statistics. WSU students can access professional tutors through Tutor.com for free by logging into D2L and following the link on the lower left corner of your My Homepage.

Need Help Finding a Tutor?

Watch this video to learn how to see our searchable tutor schedule.