Faculty Resource Center

The Human Resources Office at Winona State University understands that as an employee there is a lot to know. Please visit their site to find helpful links to pay calendars, seniority rosters, training opportunities and more. There are specific resources for New Employees as well as Current Employees.

Human Resources at WSU also offers access to our university-based Adjunct Faculty Handbook (PDF) and a Tips & Tools (PDF) for quick reference.

In addition, the Department of Nursing has developed a Faculty Resources for Adjunct Faculty.

Access to current, past, and future calendars is available on the WSU Academic Calendar webpage.

S-Drive: Everyone in the department (students do not have access to this) has access to the department S-Drive, which stores many departmental documents dealing with advising, assessment, curriculum, course syllabi, etc.

  • PC Users: My Computer, choose DeptStorage in the Network Location sector. If at any time, you do not see either your personal storage, or the S-Drive, you should click to map drives and refresh your computer.
  • Mac Users: Apple icon upper left corner, scroll to Recent Items, choose ‘department’ from the Servers list. Another dialogue box will open with your department folder, in this case, ‘Nursing.’

OneDrive for Business account: OneDrive for Business provides you with 1 TB (terabyte, which is equivalent to 1024 GB) of space in the cloud, which means that your files are stored off campus on a Microsoft file server that you can access via the Internet. This account can function as storage of your information, and can allow you to share your work or collaborate with others on projects. Every WSU student and employee has a OneDrive for Business account. Whether you decide to use it or not is entirely up to you. 

Sample course syllabi are available for all nursing courses through the Department Portal. Choose the ‘Syllabi & Eval’ tab to view, and select the preferred semester. It is the responsibility of the Course Coordinators to post syllabi on the Portal by the second week of each semester.

End of semester evaluations are also stored in this location, and Course Coordinators are responsible for posting the Faculty Report of Student Course Evaluation by mid-term of the next semester. 

Course Coordinators are responsible for ordering textbooks for their courses.
Book orders are placed through the WSU bookstore. The Textbook Requisition form is available online at the WSU bookstore. You can access it by clicking on the Faculty link.

Teaching, Learning, & Technology Services (TLT) strives to become a trusted service provider that encourages innovation and experimentation and a recognized leader in the design of learning spaces and the support of a technology-empowered community of learners. Visit their website to learn more about what resources are available to you as faculty, including collections of helpful articles about campus technology, faculty workshops, and helpful technicians willing to meet with you in your classrooms to assist with training or difficulties. They can be consulted for issues related to D2L, Camtasia, Jabber, ITV, etc. 

The Technology Support Center (Tech Support) assists, educated, and serves students, faculty, and staff with hardware and software. Full-time staff and trained students workers are available in person, by phone, and online to troubleshoot computer, tablet, and classroom technology problems.

Room reservations for department activities can be made by through the facilities department using the Virtual EMS. You will need to login with your StarID and password. If you need assistance with your StarID, please contact the HR department or visit the WSU StarID website.

To reserve a conference room within the Department of Nursing on the 3rd floor of Stark Hall, please contact Melissa Neitzel via email at MNeitzel@winona.edu and she will assist you with this process.


The Warrior Hub is another online resource repository for faculty. The accordion menu provides access to many forms and information that you may find useful. Also, scroll to the bottom of the accordion menu and find ‘Faculty/Staff Toolkit.’ This link contains access to documents that you will be helpful in your role as faculty. 

Faculty/Staff Links provide an array of links to pages that may be helpful, ranging from parking to StarAlert to Affirmative Action office. Feel free to bookmark any webpages that you may need to access throughout the semester! 

Employee Self Service is a State of Minnesota website where detailed individual payroll information can be accessed including paystubs, direct deposit, W-4 tax withholdings, W-2s, classified leave balances, statewide payroll calendar, announcements and payroll forms.

*Paystubs are not mailed.
**After 5 attempts to Sign-in to Employee self services, a lockout occurs for 24 hours. Try to sign-in again after 24 hours.

Your StarID and password will be required for some login procedures. If you need assistance with your StarID, please contact the HR department or visit the WSU StarID website.

For specific information about the Professional Development process, consult the IFO Master Contract. In most cases, faculty members submit a Professional Development Plan (PDP) in the fall and a Professional Development Report (PDR) in the spring. All faculty members in the department are invited to review and comment on the plans and reports before they are submitted to the Dean. Sample plans and reports are available on the department S-Drive. The form for faculty responses to PDPs & PDRs is linked below, and tenure applications and promotion applications are available on the department S-Drive or WSU website (www.winona.edu ). Deadlines for the plans and reports are indicated on the WSU Academic Deadline Calendar, which is updated each academic year.

PDP/PDR Review Form (PDF)

Tenure and/or Promotion applications are submitted to the department for review and comments before they are forwarded to the WSU administration (Dean of College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Provost for Academic Affairs, and President). Requirements, policies and procedures are detailed in the IFO Master Contract. Deadlines for submitting applications are indicated on the WSU Academic Deadline calendar.

To apply for a sabbatical, faculty must submit the Application and Agreement form and then complete a report at the end of the sabbatical. Deadlines for the application and report are specified on the
WSU Academic Deadline calendar.


The Business Office at Winona State has different forms that are needed to assist you in your purchasing, travel and payroll needs. Please use Internet Explorer to be able to edit forms online. Other browsers may require you to save the form and then you can edit.

Faculty can be reimbursed in cash for purchases under $100. To be reimbursed, submit the receipts and the Petty Cash Voucher Form (PDF) to Melissa Neitzel (Stark 303) for processing. Funds for petty cash reimbursement come out of each faculty member’s IFO Professional Development funds.

For other expenses (above $100), the Internal Requisition Form (PDF) is required. Please follow these directions on how to complete the Internal Requisition Form (1400 Form).


Full-time faculty members receive a yearly allocation from the IFO Professional Development fund (the per faculty allocation rolls over each year), which is used to pay for professional development activities (consult the IFO Master Contract for details).

Full details about the policies, procedures and required forms for travel are available at the Business Office.

If you plan to use IFO Professional Development funds for travel, do not purchase your airline ticket yourself. You should contact the Travel Director in the Business Office to request the purchase of the airline ticket and complete the Travel Request Form.

In regards to ground transportation, the use of personal vehicles for University business is allowable, but the driver’s auto insurance would be primary if there is an incident. It is highly recommended to use a State Motor Pool or State rental vehicle whenever transporting individuals for University business. Requests are processed through Facilities online vehicle reservation system.

  • Reimbursement will be for actual miles traveled using the most direct route
  • Reimbursement will be from your primary work location or your residence, whichever is closer to your destination
  • If you choose to drive instead of fly to your destination, you will be reimbursed at the lowest possible airfare, instead of mileage reimbursement. Contact Travel Director to obtain an airfare quote, which is calculated using at least a two week advance purchase price ticket.
  • Commonly traveled destinations
  • The IRS sets a standard mileage rate and updates it periodically.
    • Requested but no State Vehicle was available – 57.5 cents per mile effective Jan. 1, 2015
    • Choose to drive your own vehicle – 50.5 cents per mile effective Jan. 1, 2015

After completing your travel, you must submit the Employee Travel Expense Report (Excel) and receipts.

When faculty members are not on campus because of illness, vacation, or personal reasons, they must submit the request to Minnesota State website. You will need to login with your StarID and password. If you need assistance with your StarID, please contact the HR department or visit the WSU StarID website.

The Absence Form (PDF) is still used for off-campus conferences and speaking engagements. Please submit paper copy to appropriate person.

Faculty members are entitled to the benefit of a tuition waiver for themselves, their spouse, or their dependents. Certain restrictions do apply under the IFO contract. Please refer to the Tuition Waiver website for further details. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources, Humanresources@winona.edu or (507.457.5005) directly for assistance.

*Important Note: All users of tuition waiver benefits must submit their tuition waiver form no later than 10 days following the start of the course for which the user is seeking to waive tuition and/or fees.


When on campus, your computer should automatically connect to “warrior” as the preferred server for faculty and staff and students. You may be required to enter a password to join “warrior,” and if this is the case, you would enter the same password as you use to login for your WSU email account.

If you are off campus and need to access the on-campus network, you will need to use Cisco, our Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN connection enables you to access select network resources as if you were on campus connected to our network directly. This includes:

 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states that the university and its agents (faculty, staff, administrators) are not allowed to share educational information about any student without the student’s prior consent. Out of respect for our students' privacy and our individual and collective sense of integrity, we will uphold this policy and its standards. For more information and a tutorial for faculty, please see Student Data Privacy.

Faculty Compliance Requirements

Faculty are required to maintain current CPR certification and RN licensure with MN State Board of Nursing. If a faculty member provides supervision of students within Wisconsin, then faculty will be required to maintain dual licensure. Graduate Faculty may also need to maintain Advanced Practice certification as required within his/her program requirements. Each faculty member is required to maintain current information in the Passport system.

Course outlines are developed by the Grad or UG Curriculum Committee and approved by the correlating Grad or UG Committee. These are not to be adapted unless approved by Committee. However, a supplement to the Course Outline may be developed. Undergraduate Course Outlines are found on the Portal.

Faculty and staff may apply to purchase on campus parking permits. Parking permits for guest speakers may be requested by emailing Parking@winona.edu.
An incident report must be completed whenever a student is injured. Submit completed form(s) to WSU Legal Office, Attn: Lori Mikl, Somsen Hall 202 or LMikl@winona.edu