We asked. You answered. We acted.

Welcome to web2010, WSU's new and improved website.

Once you get to know web2010, we think you'll agree that change is a very good thing.
Visit our web2010 tips page where you can view short videos and printable instructions on how to customize your homepage and navigate the new site.

If you have comments, we’ll listen:

Please send questions or suggestions to: web2010@winona.edu.


If you have questions, we’ll help:

  • Employees, contact TLT: 457.5240, option 3
  • Students, contact Digital Learning Center: 507.457.5240, option 1
  • Rochester students and employees, call: 1.800.dialwsu

If you have comments, we’ll listen:

Please send questions or suggestions to: web2010@winona.edu.

Q: What happened to the portal?

A: Your portal content is all still here. Your bookmarks, favorites and shortcuts will still work. If you need to navigate, use the My Links tab found in the upper-right corner of your Current Student or Faculty & Staff homepage. If you still can’t find what you want, try searching. We’ve improved our search and it will find everything you have access to within the portal.

Q: What happened to the phone directory?

A: You can access the directory from your personal homepage by clicking Find People in your quick links. Also, a link to the directory is under the Resources tab on the top of every page, site-wide. 

Q: Why do my search results contain private documents?

A: The new search function retrieves relevant results, including individualized, secure information. Anything you are authorized to view will show up in your search results. Don't worry,  no one other than you or those who have permission will be able to view your data.

Q: Why do students and faculty have different homepages?

A: Students and faculty have different needs and interests. Homepages are designed to provide quick, easy access to the pages students and faculty most often visit.

Q: Why do I have to login to the Faculty & Staff or Current Student homepage?

A: With the goal of creating secure and customizable homepages for employees and students, we used Microsoft Sharepoint, the technology behind the WSU Portal.  This allowed us to develop features such as the auto login to Minnesota State for registration.

If you are a visual learner, check out our quick video tour of the process. If you prefer written instructions, they are below: 


  • If you are on campus, you are able to move seamlessly around the WSU site, including the Faculty & Staff and Current Students homepages, without logging in.
  • If you are trying to access secure sites from off campus, you will be prompted to log in.  


  • If you are on campus and using the Safari browser, you are able to save your credentials, so that when on campus you will not need to enter your username and password each time you enter the Faculty & Staff or Current Student homepage.  
  • If using Firefox, you will be prompted each time to log on. 

To login, please enter:

Username:  username@winona.edu
Password:  Same password used to log onto your WSU computer


Q: How do I get my site onto web2010?

A: The goals of web2010 go far beyond cosmetic enhancement. We're talking complete overhaul -- meaningful improvements. When moving your site, you'll be well supported, and will be expected to actively participate. Site conversion is a six-week process that begins when you  send an email that includes the following information to web2010@winona.edu:

-Your name
-Your department or office 
-The name of your department head or supervisor

You'll then be contacted by the web team for scheduling and logistics.  


Q: If I am a Rochester student or faculty member, how do I access my homepage?

A: First, go to the Winona State University-Rochester homepage. Students can click on Current Students; faculty can click on Faculty & Staff. You will be asked to identify yourself as either a student or faculty/staff, and will need to enter your login username and password. As Rochester students and faculty, your homepages will be customized with links to the most-used Rochester-specific sites, such as Goddard Library.

Q: How do I access services on the Winona campus?

A: To access links to Winona services, go to the Winona homepage, and then click on Current Students or Faculty & Staff. You should be prompted to login, and will then be directed to the Winona Student or Faculty & Staff homepages, which feature Winona-specific information and links.

Q: Where do I go for help?

A: You can view short videos that demonstrate web2010 features and how to customize your WSU-R homepage. If you have questions, you can contact Tech Support at 507.457.5240, option 3, or by calling 1.800.dialwsu.