Centralized Web Management Service Model

The new Web Services Hub operated by The Webbery will support the new partnership-based web management model, shifting all OpenText work, saving time and improving web quality.

Here’s how it works 

Roles & Responsibilities

In this partnership-based model, departments will continue to shape and create the content for their websites. Departments can submit changes using the online form, and can work with their web rep to improve their websites.

Marketing & Communications=Technical Management and Quality Assurance
MarComm web services staff will perform the technical part of web management -- executing web changes in the OpenText system, as well as quality assurance in the following areas, with the following benefits:

  • OpenText Management – avoids technical errors and reduces departmental and IT resources spent on training
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – makes sure site visitors can find the departments and information they are seeking
  • Standards & Best Practices – ensures all WSU web pages are in compliance with World Wide Web and accessibility standards, as well as WSU’s web standards and best practices
  • Communications – ensures all content communicates clearly with the intended audience
  • Usability – ensures site visitors can navigate department websites intuitively, finding the information they are seeking as quickly and easily as possible


Web Management Model Info Sessions

To further explain the advantages and logistics of this new partnership-based model we have created two Q&A sessions where Mollee Sheehan, Sarah DeLano and Elizabeth Meinders will be available to answer your questions.

You can register for one of the Q&A sessions or just drop in.