Winona State University College Sleep Questionnaire

Winona State University is dedicated to helping college students succeed inside the classroom, on the playing field, in the community and in their personal lives. One way to promote academic success and improve personal well-being is to understand how important sleep is to your mind and body and to make a commitment to practice healthy sleep habits.

According to the Center for College Sleep at the University of Saint Thomas, the American College Health Association identified poor sleep as one of its top health concerns for students and cited better sleep as one of five key benchmarks for improving academic success for its 2020 Healthy Campus campaign. The Center for College Sleep’s research found that the detrimental effect of poor sleep on GPA is on par with marijuana use and binge drinking (Hartmann & Prichard, 2014). Poor sleep does more than hinder academic success; insufficient sleep causes accidents, impairs decision-making and exacerbates psychological and physiological illnesses.

Whether you are interested in improving academic performance, athletic performance, or your general health and well-being, take the first step to improving your sleep habits by completing the College Sleep Questionnaire, and then review and talk about your results with someone you trust.