Dr. Mary Jo Klinker

Mary Jo Klinker graduated from Washington State University with a PhD in American Studies, where she taught in the Department of Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies prior to teaching at Winona State University.

Engaging activism in the classroom is central to Mary Jo's pedagogy and also fuels their research, which focuses on the relation of queer activism and theory to feminist antimilitarist organizing and anti-imperialist critique. Her research utilizes ethnographic and participatory action methodologies to examine the impacts of neoliberalism on contemporary social movements. Her teaching interests include LGBTQ+ studies and history, abolition feminist and queer politics, and transnational feminist solidarity.

As a rural community organizer, she has been involved as a board member of the Advocacy Center of Winona and as the statewide union LGBTQ+ Issues Committee Chair, and has examined the school-to-prison nexus in Winona. She is also on the editorial collective of Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. Mary Jo’s writing has most recently been published in Radical Teacher: A socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal.