War, Peace & Terrorism

As outbreaks of violence around the world continually remind us, war, terrorism, and the elusiveness of peace are among the deepest problems facing humankind.

The War, Peace, and Terrorism (WPT) program at Winona State University is an interdisciplinary minor drawing on expertise in many fields, and it provides students with an opportunity to study armed conflict and its resolution from artistic, historical, scientific, legal, and moral perspectives. 

The WPT Minor is flexible, with only two or three required courses and a varied list of electives, so students can tailor their program to meet their own needs and interests.

And since violence and political conflict arise in many different contexts, and affect many different kinds of people, a background in understanding its nature, causes, and justifications can benefit students pursuing a wide range of career goals. 

Students preparing for careers in media and journalism, government and politics, international organizations, military and veterans' affairs and veterans' counseling, and law enforcement may find the WPT program uniquely valuable.

Political conflict and the maintenance of domestic and international peace are also fascinating subjects in their own right, so courses in the WPT program are an excellent way to complete WSU's general education requirements.