Warrior Success Center

314 Maxwell Hall


Dr. Barbara Oertel  Dr. Barbara Oertel

  In addition to her role as Warrior Success Center
  Director, Barbara is currently serving as Interim
  Vice President for Enrollment Services.


Tammy Auerbach  Tammy Auerbach
  Front Desk Supervisor

  Tammy provides support of the Warrior Success Center
  front reception desk area.  She works with the Graduate
  Follow-up Survey.



Rita Banicki  Rita Banicki
  Career Information Specialist

  Rita works at the reception desk in Tutoring
  Services and assists students with their
  tutoring needs.


   Ramona Bartels
  Alternative Media Specialist

  Ramona provides alternate format textbooks
  and technology assistance for
  students with disabilities.


 Jean Bellman Photo  Jean Bellman
  Office Manager 
  Jean works with the new student registrations,
  orientation, placement testing and undecided
  advising.  She also processes academic
  warnings and appeals for students not in
  good academic standing.


  Graduate Assistant

  Our GA assists and advises undeclared students
  with registration, academic standing and major
  exploration.  She/he also prepares and makes
  presentations in these same areas.

Toni Drier  Toni Drier
Technology Manager
  Toni's primary responsibility is the Career
  Services Website and the EZlink Job
  Search site.  She works directly with our
  staff, our students and our employers to
  keep our sites and information up-to-date.

Trent Dernbach Photo  Trent Dernbach, M.S.
  Student Success & Career Advisor - Rochester
Trent provides career advising, general
  academic advising, and advising for
  Individualized Studies to current
  students on the WSU-Rochester campus.
  Trent also serves as the liaison to other services provided by
  the Warrior Success Center and acts as the lead for student activities and leadership development.

Nancy Dumke Photo  Nancy Dumke, M.S.A.
  Associate Director for Access Services

  As the Associate Director, Nancy oversees Access
  Services programming and operations.  Access
  Services provides academic support to students
  with disabilities as they transition into the university. 

  Graduate Assistant
  Our Career GA facilitates a Work-Study Experience Group
  that focuses on career development and how to market
  transferable skills into the professional workplace.
  This is achieved through workshops on resume
  and cover letter writing, major and career exploration,
  and other areas.

DeAnna Goddard Photo  DeAnna Goddard, M.S.
  Associate Director for Career Services
  DeAnna supports students with all aspects
  of career development, with expertise in
  graduate school advising.  She is a certified
  pre-law advisor, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  and Strong Interest Inventory consultant.

 Deb Huegel Photo Deb Huegel
  Office Manager, Access Services
  Deb assists the students in the registration
  process for Access Services.  She also
  manages the day-to-day operations,
  including supervising student workers.

  Justin Huegel
  Graduate Assistant, Access Services

  Justin provides intake appointments for
  students registering with Access Services
  and also proctors exams.

  Graduate Assistant, Career Services
  Our Career GA supervises the resume-cart located
  in Lower Hyphen and meets with students
  who would like to improve their resume and
  cover letter writing skills.  She/he also serves
students who are interested in career and major exploration.

Amy Meyer Photo  Amy Meyer, M.S.
  Academic and Career Advisor
  Amy provides academic and career support to
  students as they transition into the university,
  navigate their educational journeys, and launch
  their careers.  In her role she assists undeclared students,
  students in transition, students at risk academically, and
  students seeking employment, with a goal of helping
students achieve their highest potential. 


Lindsey Miller Photo  Lindsey Miller
  Events Coordinator / Employer Relations
  Lindsey is responsible for the management,
  implementation, and oversight of Career
  Services special events.  She also serves as
  the Employer Relations Manager with the
  responsibility of connecting employers and
organizations with WSU students.

 Darcie Mueller Photo Darcie Mueller, B.A, M.E.P.D.
  Darcie's primary role is to provide academic advising to
  undecided, underrepresented students. She is an advisor
  for the First-Gen Warrior student club and also teaches
  various student support courses.

Charlie Opatz Photo  Charlie Opatz, M.S.
  Academic and Career Advisor / College of Business Liaison
  Charlie's responsibilities include coordinating
  College of Business programs, Employer Q &
  A Days and the Winona Career Connections
  LinkedIn page.  He also helps students navigate their
  transition to - through - and beyond WSU by providing
individual academic advising and career counseling and assessment services.

  Graduate Assistant, Access Services

  Our graduate assistant provides intake appointments for
  students applying for Access Services 
  and proctors exams.

Jill Quandt Photo  Jillian Quandt, M.A.
  Associate Director, Tutoring Services

  Jill coordinates the Tutoring and Supplement
  to Instruction (s2i) programs.  She also
  advises undeclared students and helps students
  with study skills and time management.

Sheila Rinn Photo  Sheila Rinn
  Administrative Specialist

  Sheila provides support of the Warrior Success Center
  front reception desk area. 

Naomi Theye Photo  Naomi Theye
  Support Staff, Tutoring Services

  Naomi assists students to find tutors
  and is located in Library 220.

Wayne Wicka Photo  Wayne Wicka

  Wayne provides academic advising to
  undecided, underrepresented students.