Online Advising

Online advising is available to support students who are unable to meet with a WSC advisor on campus. For instance, if you are at home taking summer classes or enrolled in a fully online program, this might be an excellent option for you. However, if you are in Winona or within a short driving distance of campus, in-person advising is strongly recommended.

Follow this easy three-step process to set up an online advising appointment and make sure you get the most out of your time with your advisor.


Set Up Your Online Appointment


There are two ways to set up an online appointment with a Warrior Success Center advisor.

Option 1:

Use the AdvisorTrac Scheduler.

  • Before searching for availability, make sure to select the Center "Warrior Success Center" and the Reason "Online Advising".
  • Select a time that works for you from the options displayed.
  • In the notes, indicate what you would like to discuss in the meeting, and include your phone number.

Option 2:

Call the Warrior Success Center at 507.457.5878 and ask a team member to set up an appointment for you. Make sure that you communicate that you need an online advising appointment.


Have The Right Technology


You and your advisor will meet online using Adobe Connect. This system is free to all WSU students and there is nothing to install. However, to avoid wasting your advising time with troubleshooting technical issues, please review the following recommendations carefully. 


If you are not using a laptop or tablet provided through the WSU e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program, you will need to ensure that your personal computer is compatible.

Test Your System

Read the important user instructions before the meeting to learn more about Adobe Connect, test your system, run the audio setup wizard, and prepare for the meeting.


Adobe Connect requires a high-speed broadband connection. If you do not have access to broadband, you may need to do your appointment via phone instead.


All audio is provided through the Adobe Connect system. To avoid feedback through the system, please use earbuds or a headset during the meeting. Also, make sure to have a phone backup in case sound is not working for any reason.
If you are unable to resolve a sound issue, call the Warrior Success Center front desk at 507.457.5878 and have them connect you to your advisor.

Web Cam

We recommend that you have and use your computer’s web cam for the meeting. However, if your internet connection is too slow, video may not be available or usable.


Connect Online


Your appointment confirmation emails from the Warrior Success Center will contain a link to your online meeting room. Five minutes before the appointment you should:

  • Click the link provided for the advisor you are meeting with
  • Select "Enter as a Guest"
  • Type your full name into the "Name" field
  • Click "Enter Room"

When your advisor logs in you will be entered into the room, and your online meeting will begin.