Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of February 2, 2000

Members present: Barbara Boseker, Pauline Christensen, Karen Csajko, Helen Dachelet, Jeff Draskoci-Johnson, Ruth Forsythe, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, Joe Jackson, Dan Kauffman, Steve Kilkus, E.M. Win Lewis, Celeste Matthews, Charla Miertschin, Robert Newberry, Dominic Ricciotti, Robert Scheer, Cathy Schmidt, Greg Schmidt, Ed Slowik, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Robin Tschumper, Kerry Williams

I.    Meeting called to order at 3:35 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.

        Next meeting is February 16, 2000.

II.    Adoption of Agenda

        Approved by consensus

III.    Approval of minutes of January 19, 2000.

        Approved by consensus

IV.    Form for Registrar

            in progress

V.    Points of Information

a. Numerous changes from AIS department

Number change: 406 to 401

Credit change: 412 3 s.h. to 1-3 s.h.

Name changes:

b. History - 101 Introduction to Law and Society (one-time course offering)

c. Faculty Senate request - TOEFL cut scores. See Agenda Item VIII. 1.

VI. Course/Curriculum Approval Request

1. New Course Proposals
Course Name Subcommittee Action A2C2 Action
CMST 493 Teaching & Coaching Oral Communication Approved 7 - 0 Approved
SPED 200 Human Exceptionalities Tabled

2. Program Revision (Department, Program - subcommittee action. A2C2 action)

A. English, B.S. Communication Arts & Literature - Approved 7-0. Approved.

B. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry (Teaching) - Tabled

VII. Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

Kari Martison - PSY 310 Child Development from UW-La Crosse for a Social Science course. K. Williams/S. Kilkus, M/S, that the substitution be denied. Motion approved.

VIII. Additional Subcommittee or Ad hoc committee reports

1. TOEFL ad hoc committee to address Faculty Senate concerns over the cutoff score. Celeste Matthews, Ruth Forsythe, Drake Hokanson, and Joe Jackson volunteered to serve on this committee.

2. St. Paul Technical College Gen Ed Transfer committee - Ed Thompson, Kelly Herold, and Pauline Christensen volunteered to serve on this committee.

IX. University Studies Subcommittee Report

K. Williams reports that all course criteria are written, except for Critical Analysis. Math/Logic flag is related to this course.

X. Meeting adjourned 3:59 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin