Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of April 5, 2000

Members present: Barbara Boseker, Karen Csajko, Jeff Draskoci-Johnson, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Maryam Grami, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, Joe Jackson, Dan Kauffman, Steve Kilkus, E.M. Win Lewis, Celeste Matthews, Peter Miene, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Dominic Ricciotti, Cathy Schmidt, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Richard Shields, Ed Slowik, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson.

Guests present: Jeff Anderson (Math/Stat), Timm Gegg-Harrison (Computer Science), Kerry Williams (University Studies Program Director), Alex Yard (History)

I. Meeting called to order at 3:37 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.

    Next meeting is April 19, 2000.

II. Adoption of Agenda

    Approval by consensus.

III. Approval of minutes of March 22, 2000.

Corrections: Removal of Kerry Williams from members present. [He is now the University Studies Program Director.] and spelling error under III. Barbara Boseker. P. Schumacher/D. Hokanson, M/S, to approve as corrected. Motion passed.

IV. General Education Substitutions

A. Kerie Heard - HSC 301 Community Health Science (2 credits - only 1 credit needed) from College of St. Scholastica for Allied Studies gen. ed. S. Kilkus/D. Kauffman, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

B. Mike Van Eperen - THAD 239 Creative Dramatics for Children (2 credits) from Winona State University for Humanities gen. ed. R. Miller/S. Kilkus, M/S, to approve. Motion failed.

V. Points of Information

A. Ruth Forsythe, English - B.S. Major English (Teaching), B.S. Major English (Teaching - Writing Option), B.S. Minor English (Teaching). These programs will no longer be provided due to approval of the new B.S. Major English - Communication Arts and Literature (Teaching) program which was brought about due to new BOT licensure requirements.

B. Charla Miertschin, Chemistry - name change of CHEM 320 from Environmental Chemical Analysis to Environmental Chemistry.

VI. Course/Curriculum Approval Subcommittee

1. New Course Proposals
Course Name Subcommittee Action A2C2 Action
ART 130 Introduction to Printmaking Approved 5-0-0

(corrections noted and submitted)
NURS 120 Introduction to the Health Professions Approved 5-0-0 as a new course.

Approved 5-0-0 for gen. ed. (Allied Studies)


2. Program Revision (Department, Program - subcommittee action. A2C2 action)

A. Art, B.A. Major Art - Graphic Design option - Approved. Approved.

B. Physics, B.S. Major Physics - Teaching option - Approved 5-0-0 with submission of corrected catalog copy. Corrections received. Approved.

C. Administrative Information System, B.S. Major Administrative Information Systems Management (AISM) suspension of program. Subcommittee feels this is not in its charge and directs to full A2C2 committee. S. Eiken spoke to the issue that the programs be suspended (over a four-year phase out) in order to eventually meet AACSB accreditation guidelines. R. Shields/W. Lewis, M/S, that the issue be treated as a point of information. Motion failed. J. Draskoci-Johnson/P. Schumacher, M/S, to recommend the suspension this program. Motion passed.

VII. University Studies Program (USP) Subcommittee Report

K. Williams reported that the revised guidelines were distributed to members at the last meeting. Distributed this meeting was a list of those faculty who participated in writing the guidelines for each Lower-Division area. The subcommittee affirms that the document is on the table for approval.

R. Shields - first complement the committee for their work, then spoke to the following amendments:

R. Shields/W. Lewis, M/S, to change the word "Only" to "Normally" on p. 4 under D. Physical Development and Wellness, fourth sentence. Discussion proceeded as to whether this was a narrative error or not. Using "Only" is consistent across the Basic Skills. Motion failed with a vote of 4 - 18.

R. Shields/J. Draskoci-Johnson, M/S, to change the sentence "Departments will need to demonstrate to the University Studies Subcommittee that the courses in question merit the flags." to "Departments will report to the University Studies Subcommittee how the courses in question satisfy the flags." on p. 10 under B. Upper-Division Requirements, second sentence. Discussion centered around whether this implies if the USP is dictating to departments how majors courses are taught. K. Williams reported that there is a degree of latitude in how departments would meet the flag requirements and that the USP would not be intrusive. P. Miene mentioned that changing would make flagging arbitrary. R. Forsythe inquired how and how often would this be evaluated or demonstrated. D. Ricciotti added that "report" means after the fact whereas "demonstrate" would imply beforehand. Motion failed with a vote of 9 - 12.

R. Shields/D. Ricciotti, M/S, to change the paragraph from "Courses can merit the Writing Flag by demonstrating that section enrollment will allow for clear guidance, criteria, and feedback for the writing assignments; that the course will require a significant amount of writing to be distributed throughout the semester; that writing will comprise a major portion of the students' final grade; and that students will have opportunities to incorporate readers' critiques of their writing." to "courses can satisfy the Writing Flag by demonstrating that the course will allow for clear guidance, criteria, and feedback for writing assignments; that the course will require a significant amount of writing; and that writing will comprise a significant portion of the students' final grade." on p. 10 A. Writing Flag. Arguments made included questioning When? (throughout the semester) and How much is significant? C. Summa spoke that hopefully that writing will be used throughout the course, and that to learn to write you must practice. Feedback and opportunities to make revisions are important to learning to write. R. Forsythe added that the flag is concerned with the process of writing and that "readers" could be other students and/or the instructor. Motion failed with a vote of 4 - 18.

W. Lewis/J. Draskoci-Johnson, M/S, to change the word "major" to "significant" on p. 10 under A. Writing Flag, second paragraph, and on p. 11 under Mathematics/Statistics Flag, second paragraph and to change the word "substantial" to "significant" on p. 11 under Critical Analysis Flag, second paragraph for consistency. Motion approved.

C. Schmidt/D. Ricciotti, M/S, to change "...analysis of his or her own art work and respond..." to "...analysis of their own art work or interpretive performance and respond..." on p. 6 under Fine and Performing Arts, item 4. Motion passed.

J. Draskoci-Johnson/P. Schumacher, M/S, to move the Critical Analysis course from the Unity and Diversity area back to the Arts & Sciences core and change credits appropriately as it was approved in the University Studies Program Guidelines and Governance Structure on May 12, 1999. K. Williams explained that the USP subcommittee sought whether moving the course would constitute a structural change. It was decided by the committee that this would not be a major change. The Arts & Sciences core seemed to be associated with a certain set of departments or disciplines. The Critical Analysis course did not seem to match this same vein. This course could be offered by many departments and not by a set of commonly associated disciplines. By its nature, the Critical Analysis course seemed to fit better into the Unity and Diversity. J. Draskoci-Johnson also suggested to reinstate the original outcomes. A. Yard affirmed that the Faculty Senate approved the overall structure of the USP with the understanding that the outcomes would be discussed and possibly changed. R. Shields added that this would be a structural change. K. Williams added that moving the course between areas could be done, but the outcomes as presented would carry. Motion failed 6 - 15.

J. Draskoci-Johnson/R. Miller, M/S, to add the Departments of Computer Science, Health & Human Performance, and Mathematics & Statistics to the list of "departments normally included in the Natural Sciences". R. Shields mentioned that these additional departments are not normally associated with Natural Science but could certainly submit courses which would fit into this area. K. Williams also commented that Natural Science is associated with Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics. If these other departments were added, students theoretically could graduate without taking a substantiative course in the Natural Science area. Math is a basic skills and will be taken. Computer Science courses will fit easily into other areas of the USP. J. Draskoci-Johnson added that Mathematics/Statistics and Computer Science courses are included in current gen. ed. program. C. Summa distributed a memo from James Meyers (Chair, Geosciences) concerning this matter. Motion failed with a vote of 5 - 12.

D. Hokanson/S. Kilkus, M/S, to change "Lower-Division Requirements" to "Course Requirements" and "Upper-Division Requirements" to "Flag Requirements". Motion passed.

C. Summa/W. Lewis, M/S, to add "as tied to such variables as gender, race, socioeconomic status, etc." on p. 5 under B. Social Science (6 S.H.), item 7. Motion passed.

J. Draskoci-Johnson/S. Kilkus, M/S, to add "(with lab)" on p. 5 under C. Natural Science (7 S.H.). Motion passed.

P. Miene/J. Draskoci-Johnson, M/S, to remove the word "natural" on p. 7 under 3. B. Science and Social Policy, second and third lines of initial paragraph. Motion passed.

E. Slowik expressed concern with the word "policy" on p. 7 under 3. B. Science and Social Policy.

R. Shields/J. Draskoci-Johnson, M/S, to adjourn. Motion passed with a vote of 11 - 6.

Meeting adjourned 5:09 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin