Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of October 6, 1999

Members present: J. Lawrence Bergin, Jean Billman, Barbara Boseker, Karen Csajko, Pauline Christensen, Helen Dachelet, Jeff Draskoci-Johnson, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, Dan Kauffman, Steve Kilkus, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Robert Newberry, Dominic Ricciotti, Rob Scheer, Cathy Schmidt, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Richard Shields, Ed Slowik, Cathy Summa, Rosine Tenenbaum, Robin Tschumper, Kerry Williams

I.    Meeting called to order at 3:36 p.m. by Chair Kelly Herold. Next meeting is October 20, 1999.

II.    Adoption of Agenda

        Additions: New Business: Calendar committee

        4 points of information to add: Nursing, acct, summa, Schumacher, Cathy Schmidt

        P. Schumacher/C. Summa, M/S, to approve agenda. Motion passed.

III.    New Business

        Calendar committee - chair requests volunteers - none, so Kelly will serve.

Approval of minutes of September 22, 1999. Corrections to be made for item VI. 3. Marketing course numbers incomplete.  D. Kaufman/G. Schmidt, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

IV.    Course/Curriculum Approval Request

1. New Course Proposals
Course Subcommittee action A2C2 action
EDUC 598/498 Unanimous approval Approved
THAD 315 Approved for major & minor 8-0-1
Denied for gen ed. 0-8-1
Approved for major & minor
CS 440 Unanimous approval Approved
CS 411 Unanimous approval Approved
MKTG 320 Unanimous approval Approved
MKTG 360 Unanimous approval Approved
MKTG 322 Unanimous approval Approved
MKTG 362 Unanimous approval Approved
MKTG 422 Unanimous approval Approved

2. Program Revision

B.S. Marketing major and minor - approved 7-0-2, question concerning notification of other departments. R. Newberry & Russ Smith, Marketing claim to have followed procedure. Problem may be with distribution of materials to A2C2 members before subcommittee meeting. R. Tschumper/C. Summa, M/S, to postpone until future meeting.

History - Paralegal - tabled due to non-representation

V.    Points of Information

1. Jim Reynolds, Sociology/Social Work - course number change Juvenile Delinquency from 414 to 314

2. Jim Bovinet - Marketing - numerous changes, included with program revision proposal, affected departments were notified

3. Nursing - Steve Kilkus - NURS 412 - 3 s.h. change to variable 2 - 3 s.h. - 3rd credit will be a clinical course, which is not applicable for all students

4. C. Summa - Environmental Science - new option in chemistry, geoscience, and biology - distributed flyer (attached) and asked that departments advertise to undeclared majors

5. Schumacher - computer science - minor curriculum changes as listed on memos dated September 22 and October 6, 1999 to A2C2. Committee questioned item #15 which includes a 300-level to a 400-level numbering change. Thus, this change needs to go through subcommittee.

6. Cathy Schmidt, Music - department is requesting that students take courses within certain departments (THAD & ART). Does this constitute a program change? Suggestions were offered.

VI.    Additional Subcommittee - Ad hoc reports

1. Policy 3-4 J. Quella - will come to next meeting to present final revision.

2. Technology Committee
    K. Herold met with John Stafford to discuss the future prospects of a paperless system.

VII.    Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

1. Jennifer Startz - Winona State U. - SPED 490 American Sign Language I (4 q.h.) for Different Cultures. Present to discuss request. J. Billman/B. Boseker, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

2. Aaron Cocker - Winona State U. - ENGL 210 Advanced Expository Writing (4 q.h.) for English Composition (ENGL 115). S. Kilkus/R. Shields, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

3. Katherine Pagels - Winona State U. - PSY 250 Developmental Psychology for Social Science. R. Newberry/W. Lewis, M/S, to disapprove. Motion passed.

VIII. University Studies Subcommittee Election

A short recess was taken so that Chair Herold could retrieve the list of responses from mail and & e-mail requests and so that college representatives could caucus.

Nominations were sought and received for the subcommittee as follows:

English - Paul Johnson - 2 years
Communication Studies - Ted Reilly - 1 or 2 year
Math/Stat - Jeff Draskoci-Johnson - 2 years
Business - ??? 1 or 2 years
Education - Robin Tschumper - 1 year
Liberal Arts - Kerry Williams - 3 years
Nursing & Health Science - Randy Miller - 1 year
Science & Engineering - Cathy Summa - 3 years
P. Schumacher/B. Boseker, M/S, to approve slate as listed. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 5:13 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin