Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of October 20, 1999

Members present: J. Lawrence Bergin, Jean Billman, Barbara Boseker, Karen Csajko, Pauline Christensen, Helen Dachelet, Jeff Draskoci-Johnson, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Kelly Herold, Joe Jackson, Dan Kauffman, Steve Kilkus, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Robert Newberry, Dominic Ricciotti, Robert Scheer, Cathy Schmidt, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

I.    Meeting called to order at 3:36 p.m. by Chair Kelly Herold. Next meeting is November 3, 1999.

II.    Adoption of Agenda

        L. Bergin/R. Miller, M/S, to approve agenda. Motion passed.

III.    Approval of minutes of October 6, 1999.

        Correction of VI. 3 NURS 412, not 312.

        B. Boseker/S. Kilkus, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

IV.    Course/Curriculum Approval Request

1. New Course Proposals
Course Subcommittee action A2C2 action
NURS 412 withdrawn
POLS 201 Approved for major & minor 8-0-0

Not approved for gen. ed. 0-8-0
Approved for major & minor
CS 376 Unanimous approval 8-0-0 Approved

2. Program Revision

B.S. Marketing major and minor -concern by accounting was withdrawn; previous motion from subcommittee stands (7-0-2 vote). Approved.

History - Paralegal - Approved 8-0-0 with minor changes including listing required gen. ed. courses as Additional Requirements. Approved.

V.    Points of Information

1. Robert Scheer, Engineering - ENGR 380 renumbered to ENGR 465 - quarter-level course was ENGR 484 as addressed in memo from Fariborz Parsi, Engineering.

S. Eiken/W. Lewis, M/S, to approve course number change. Approved.

Course description for ENGR 292 has been modified

2. Education Department - Proposal requests a decrease in the number of general education credits for education majors from 45 to 34 s.h.

S. Eiken/C. Summa, M/S, to approve request.

        Discussion proceeded as to the nature of the request and reasons for it.

        R. Miller/S. Eiken, M/S, to close debate. Motion passed.

Proposal approved.

3. Gabriel Manrique, Economics & Finance - For Finanace Major: require MGMT 325 instead of MGMT 315 and require BUSA 291 instead of BUSA 301. - consequence of AACSB accreditation; Option A - Investments: accept ACCT 311 instead of ACCT 361; accept only MATH 140 or 160, not MATH 110. D. Kaufman spoke to proposal and additional information.

4. Steve Kilkus,, Nursing - NURS 410 renumbered to NURS 497 (due to course number conflict) as addressed in memo from Jo Stejskal, Nursing.

5. Rosine Tenenbaum, Foreign Languages - withdrawn

VI.    Additional Subcommittee - Ad hoc reports

        Policy 3 -4 still in the works.

VII.    Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests - none

VIII. University Studies Subcommittee Preliminary Report

K. Williams - met last Wednesday, elected K. Williams as chair of subcommittee.

Addressed inconsistencies in University Studies document. Faculty Senate has facilitated search for University Studies Director. Conveners were appointed: C. Summa - Natural Science, J. Reynolds - Social Science, A. Yard - Humanities, D. Riccioti - Fine and Performing Arts.

L Bergin/P. Schumacher, M/S, to appoint Dan Kaufman as Business representative to the University Studies Subcommittee. Motion passed.

B. Boseker/R. Newberry, M/S, to support proposal for some release time for the A2C2 chair.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 4:10 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin