Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of February 14, 2001

Members present: Rebecca Ambers, J. Lawrence Bergin, Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Karen Csajko, Helen Dachelet, Brant Deppa, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, John Johanson, Dan Kauffman, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Dominic Ricciotti, Cathy Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Richard Shields, Ed Slowik, Ed Thompson

Guests present: Kerry Williams, Stewart Shaw

I. Meeting called to order at 3:41 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.
    Next meeting is February 28, 2001.

II. Adoption of Agenda
    P. Schumacher/B. Boseker, M/S, to adopt agenda. Motion passed.

III. Approval of January 17, 2001 minutes
    P. Schumacher/D. Kauffman, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

IV. Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

  1. Mariah Arnsden - HIST 112 History of the Modern World (4 S.H.) from University of St. Thomas for Humanities. Postponed due to incomplete paperwork.
  2. Brad Blitz - COMS 281 Cross-Cultural Communications (3 S.H.) from Winona State University for Humanities. Postponed due to incomplete paperwork.

V. Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee

Committee recommends approval of the following.

New Course Proposals
Course Subcommittee vote A2C2 action
SOCW 400 Practicum Preparation 7-0-0 + corrected paperwork/received Passed
HIST 340 History of Christianity 6-0-1 Passed
HHP 389 Strength & Conditioning Principles & Programming 7-0-0 Passed
MGMT 477 International Human Resource Management 6-0-0 + corrected paperwork/received Passed
POLS 421 The First Amendment 5-0-0 + corrected paperwork/received Passed
PSY 430 Forensic Psychology 6-0-0 + corrected paperwork/received Passed

VI. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) Report

USS feels that it is possibly violating Policy 3-4 by reviewing new course proposals with respect to notification, time lines, etc. K. Williams seeks guidance. K. Williams offered to identify new courses on USS agenda one week in advance of meeting with a contact person to satisfy the spirit of Policy 3-4.

P. Schumacher/C. Schmidt, M/S, to approve the recommendation of Kerry Williams that new courses will be identified on the agenda of the University Studies Subcommittee for individuals to make inquiries into new courses before the subcommittee meets and limit this to the remainder of this academic year.

E. Slowik/D. Hokanson, M/S, to close debate. Motion passed.

Motion passed.

USS recommends approval of the following as new courses.

Courses approved by A2C2.

USS recommends approval of the following courses (all votes unanimous):

    Arts & Sciences Core - Humanities (all 3 SH)

    Arts & Sciences Core - Social Sciences

    Arts & Sciences Core - Natural Sciences (all 4 SH)

    Arts & Sciences Core - Fine & Performing Arts

    Unity & Diversity - Critical Analysis

    Unity & Diversity - Science and Social Policy (all 3 SH)

    Unity & Diversity - Contemporary Citizenship (all 3 SH)

    Unity & Diversity - Democratic Institutions (all 3 SH)

Courses were approved by A2C2 for the University Studies Program.

USS meets next Wednesday (1/24) at 2:00 p.m.

VII. Points of Information

  1. Cathy Schmidt, Music - one-time course offerings

MUS 143 Women's Chorus
MUS 353 Choral Music - Italy and Austria

    B.    Drake Hokanson, Mass Communication

MCOM 120 Electronic Media (3 SH) - from the combination of MCOM 120 (2 SH) and MCOM 020 (1SH)
MCOM 226 Video Planning and Design - course title change from Video and Multimedia Planning and Design
MCOM 326 Interactive Multimedia Production - course title change from Mass Communication Multimedia Applications

    C.    Ed Slowik, Philosophy

Bank: PHIL 202 Aristotle to Medieval Philosophy and PHIL 331 Business Ethics
Drop prerequisites for: PHIL 301 Early Modern Philosophy and PHIL 302 Contemporary Philosophy
Change: PHIL 460 Great Philosophers 1-3 SH from 3 SH
B.S. Minor Philosophy: Remove BUS 331 Business Ethics and add PHIL 220 Philosophy of Democracy to the category of moral philosophy.
           Remove PHIL 202 Aristotle to Medieval Philosophy from the category of early history of philosophy.
Catalog description were changed or added for the following courses: 110, 120, 130, 201, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 301, 302, 330, 332, 335

    D.    Richard Shields, Physics

The following courses are being dropped: PHYS 405 Mechanics II, PHYS 435 Statistical Physics, and PHYS 461 Advanced Lab II.
Change: PHYS 460 Undergraduate Research 1-4 SH from 2 SH

    E.    Helen Dachelet, Social Work

Dropped: 3 SH department elective and SOCW 375 Practicum Preparation (1 SH)
Added: SOCW 400 Practicum Preparation (4 SH)

VIII. New Business - None

IX. Adjournment
    D. Hokanson/L. Bergin, M/S, to adjourn. Motion passed and meeting adjourned at 4:27 p.m.

Submitted by secretary Charla Miertschin