Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of February 28, 2001

Members present: Rebecca Ambers, Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Karen Csajko, Helen Dachelet, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, Joe Jackson, John Johanson, Dan Kauffman, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, James Reidy, Robert Scheer, Cathy Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Ed Thompson

Guests present: Kerry Williams, Stewart Shaw

I. Meeting called to order at 3:35 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.
    Next meeting is March 21, 2001.

II. Adoption of Agenda
    Additions: IV. F. John Asleson and VIII. C. Recommendation to VP Richardson
    P. Schumacher/E. Thompson, M/S, to adopt agenda as amended. Motion passed.

III. Approval of February 14, 2001 minutes
    VI. Recommendation of new courses should come before recommendation of University Studies courses.
    VII. E. Social Work - SOCW 375 Practicum Preparation should be 1 SH, not 3 SH
    P. Schumacher/D. Kauffman, M/S, to approve as amended. Motion passed.

IV. Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

  1. Brad Blitz - COMS 281 Cross-Cultural Communications (3 SH) from Winona State University for Humanities. J. Reidy/E. Thompson, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.
  2. Stacie Schneider - SPED 400 Education of Exceptional Children and Youth (3 SH) from Winona State University for Different Culture. R. Scheer/P. Schumacher, M/S, to approve substitution for both Stacie Schneider and Bethany Miglio (see C below). Motion passed.
  3. Bethany Miglio - SPED 400 Education of Exceptional Children and Youth (3 SH) from Winona State University for Different Culture.
  4. Kelli Nims - GEOG 320 Geography of the U.S. (3 SH) from Winona State University for Social Science. J. Campbell/P. Schumacher, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.
  5. Sara Leach - ENG 801-201 English Composition I (3 SH) from Madison Area Technical College for Basic Skills - English. S. Eiken/R. Ambers, M/S, to approve substitution. [Note: This decision will not be considered a policy-setting decision, but an exception.]
  6. John Asleson - Humanities 1114-02 Ethics and its Application in Health Care (1 SH) from Rochester Community & Technical College for Humanities. E. Thompson/R. Scheer, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.

V. Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee

Committee recommends approval of the following.

  1. New Course Proposals
Course Subcommittee vote A2C2 action
MUS 002 Music Education Seminar 6-0-0 Passed
HIST 370 Legal Research & Writing I 5-0-1 Passed
HIST 372 Legal Research & Writing II 5-0-1 Passed
  1. Revised Programs
Course Subcommittee vote A2C2 action
History - Paralegal Program 5-0-1 + corrected paperwork/recieved Passed
History - Law and Society Program 5-0-1 + corrected paperwork/recieved Passed

VI. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) Report

USS recommends approval of the following courses (all votes unanimous):

    Arts & Sciences Core - Natural Sciences

    Unity & Diversity - Science and Social Policy

    Unity & Diversity - Contemporary Citizenship

    Unity & Diversity - Multicultural Perspective (all 3 SH)

Courses were approved by A2C2 for University Studies Program.

VII. Points of Information

  1. Art - one-time course offering: ART 111 Typography, Design & the Computer (2 SH)
  2. Psychology - one-time course offering: PSYC 495 Child Psychopharmacology (2 SH)
  3. Marketing - change in prerequisites: 

MKTG 320 Market Analysis - remove MKTG 300 and add: Completion of the Written and Oral Communication Basic Skills in the University Studies Program, MKTG 300, and the Mathematics and Statistics requirement of the marketing major or minor.

  1. Business Administration - changes

Course number and title change: DIS 460 Project Planning and Control changed to POM 464 Project Management
Production and Operations Management minor: POM 444 Operations Strategy moved to elective; POM 464 Project Management moved to required.
Management minor: MGMT 417 Compensation, MGMT 437 Labor Relations, MGMT 467 Staffing and Evaluation, and MGMT 477 International Human Resources added to the list of acceptable electives.

VIII. New Business

IX. Adjournment
    Chair Herold adjourned meeting at 5:05 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,
Charla Miertschin