Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of September 6, 2000

Members present: Beckry Abdel -Magid, Dan Bloom, Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Helen Dachelet, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Joan Francioni, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, Joe Jackson, John Johanson, Dan Kauffman, Fredrick Lee, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Robert Newberry, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Cathy Schmidt, Ed Slowik, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson

Guests present: Kerry Williams (University Studies Program director), Stewart Shaw

I. Meeting called to order at 3:35 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.
    Next meeting is September 20, 2000.

II. Adoption of Agenda
    Agenda approved by consensus.

III. Election of A2C2 Chair
    Election of A2C2 Secretary
    Election of Course/Program Proposal subcommittee chair.

J. Jackson/D. Hokanson, M/S, to elect Kelly Herold as Chair, Charla Miertschin as secretary and Win Lewis as Course/Program Proposal subcommittee chair. Motion approved.

    Volunteers were sought for Course/Program Proposal subcommittee:

Business - Bruce Klemz
Education - Barb Boseker, Roger Riley
Liberal Arts - Win Lewis, John Campbell
Nursing -
Science & Engineering - Joan Francioni, Dan Bloom

IV. Department Roster Sheet- Please sign in.
    Roster Sheet for Committee on Committees - Please complete information.

V. Approval of May 3, 2000 minutes - postponed to next meeting.

VI. Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

Becky Hollibaugh - PHIL 330 Biomedical Ethics (3 credits) from WSU for Humanities. J. Francioni/D. Bloom, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.

Joe Cherney - RESC 301 Resident Assistant Development (1 credit) from WSU for Social Science. D. Hokanson/R. Miler, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.

Amanda Keiser - SOSC 323 Contemporary British Culture (3 credits) from Richmond University for Different Culture. R. Miller/J. Jackson, M/S, to approve substitution.

R. Miller/J. Jackson, M/S, to call the question. Motion passed.

Motion to approve substitution failed.

VIII. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) Report

    K. Williams reported on the following four points as outlined on USS Report to A2C2 which was distributed.

  1. Dan Lintin (Comm. Studies), Melanie Reap (Education), and Randy Miller (Health & Nursing) were installed as new members of the USS. A representative from Mathematics is still needed.
  2. University Studies Course Approval - A draft of the approval form was distributed. The form was approved.
  3. Deadlines/time line - Dates for course approval submission were proposed. These dates are not mandatory, but those that are submitted by those dates will be given priority. Approved.
  4. 2/3 majority - Questions concerning the senate's motion regarding the change or rejection of USS recommendation to A2C2 by a two-thirds majority were raised. It is unclear if the senate meant two-thirds of members present or two-thirds of all members of A2C2. Clarification is sought from the senate and Kelly will take this issue to the next senate meeting.

IX. Meeting adjourned 4:50 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin