Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Minutes of October 4, 2000

Members present: Rebecca Ambers, Dan Bloom, Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Helen Dachelet, Brant Deppa, Shirley Eiken, Ruth Forsythe, Yogesh Grover, Kelly Herold, Drake Hokanson, John Johanson, Dan Kauffman, E.M. Win Lewis, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Dominic Ricciotti, Roger Riley, Cathy Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Kimberlee Snyder, Ed Thompson, Robin Tschumper,

Guests present: Kerry Williams, Stewart Shaw


I. Meeting called to order at 3:35 p.m. by chair Kelly Herold.
    Next meeting is October 18, 2000.

II. Adoption of Agenda
    8. New Business - Academic Calendar
    Modified agenda approved by consensus.
    Chair Herold mentioned that the Calendar Committee has had an organizational meeting.

III. Approval of May 3, 2000 minutes
    Approval of September 6, 2000 minutes
    P. Schumacher/W. Lewis, M/S, to approve. Motion passed.

IV. Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee
    MUS 142-01 Winona Oratorio Chorus - tabled.

V. Gen. Ed. Substitution Requests

  1. Michelle Sikkink - CM 470 Contemporary Britain (3 credits) from St. Cloud State University's Common Market Program for Different Cultures. P. Schumacher/D. Ricciotti, to disapprove substitution of CM 470. Motion passed.

Michelle Sikkink.- CM 130 British Art Museums: The Collections (3 credits) from St. Cloud State University's Common Market Program for General Education elective credits [no specified category]. D. Kauffman/C. Miertschin, M/S, to approve CM 130 for General Education elective credit. Motion withdrawn. Student should resubmit course substitution form.

  1. David Bendickson - ENG 1120 College Writing (4 credits) from University of Minnesota - Duluth for English 111 (Basic Skills). R. Forsythe/P. Schumacher, M/S, to approve substitution. Motion passed.


VI. Point of Information
    Randy Miller, Health & Human Performance - HHP Department is establishing a "pre-admission" policy for first-year Exercise Science Athletic Training majors.

    Foreign Language Department announces two one-time course offerings:105 Arabic I for Travelers, 106 Arabic II for Travelers

VII. University Studies Subcommittee Report
    Kerry Williams addressed several issues:

  1. Number of copies of Course Approval form. The subcommittee needs only 10 copies. Forms should be sent to A2C2 Chair Herold. The USS agenda will be e-mailed including those courses which are being submitted for review. USS will review the course and, when approved by USS, the proposal will be placed on the web for review and forwarding to A2C2. Kerry will e-mail if there are any updates to the original proposal.
  2. Faculty Senate restated that a two-thirds majority of those A2C2 members present is necessary to change or reject a USS recommendation.
  3. The course approval time length may vary from four to six years. USS set the initial period of approval for courses in the Basic Skills category at six years.
  4. The USS recommends that "Courses in the Unity and Diversity category my fulfill both major and University Studies requirements." be replaced with, "Courses in the Basic Skills or Unity and Diversity categories may fulfill both major and University Studies requirements." under II. Departments, Disciplines, and Course Placement, Item D, first sentence of the University Studies Program. The third sentence of that section would also be changed to read, "However, students may not use a course in her/his major to meet an Arts and Sciences Core requirement unless it is an additional requirement." in effect deleting "a Basic Skills or" from that sentence.

R. Miller/P. Schumacher, M/S, to call the question. Motion passed.  Motion to substitute language approved.


VIII. Academic Calendar

Dan Kauffman observed that under the current academic calendar Fall semesters include 40 MWF class meetings while Spring semesters include 44 MWF class meetings. An effort should be made to equalize class meeting numbers. Stewart Shaw stated that he would appreciate feedback concerning inequality in semesters.

IX. Adjournment 4:43 p.m.
    J. Campbell/D. Ricciotti, M/S, to adjourn. Motion approved.
    Meeting adjourned 4:43 p.m.


Submitted by secretary,

Charla Miertschin