Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee  
Meeting Minutes  April 24, 2002

Members Present:  Barbara Boseker, Matt Bosworth, John Campbell,  Pauline Christensen, Maryam Grami, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Win Lewis, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Ted Reilly, Dom Ricciotti, Paul Shumacher, Suzanne Smith, Kim Snyder, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

Guests:  Dean Timothy Gaspar, Stewart Shaw, Carol Ziehlsdorf, Gary Costello

I. Meeting was Called to order at 3:36 PM

II. Adoption of agenda.  Change VII.  B to remove global studies and multi-cultural studies and substitute with contemporary citizenship and democratic institutions.  Chair provided several additions for chair's report (see below) and for VII. C. and D. in notifications (see below).  

III. Approval of minutes of April 10, 2002.  Change date to 2002.  Bosecker/ S. Smith, M/S to approve .  Motion carried

IV. Chair’s report

A. Formerly approved policies.  
    1. WSU Reg. 3-4.  The administration approved this policy.  New forms for this and other updated regs will go out this summer.  
    2. Appeals policy and procedure for USP (includes US notification process) was approved.

B. New MnSCU Form for new or revised programs will now have to be completed after program has been approved locally.

V. General Education Course Substitutions
    A. Jared Wills and Brian Wiese - ENG 220 Multicultural American Literature.   Indian Literature (3 SH) from WSU for Different Culture. [Note same request  was approved on 2/27/02.]  M/S Lewis/Miller to approve.  Motion carried 

VI. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report.  The following were recommended for approval.   
   A. New Courses.  These courses were recommended and were approved.   
        1. SOC 470 Mediation and Conflict Resolution (3 SH)
        2. HHP 495 Internship in Health Sciences (3 SH) (part of BAS Health Science)
        3. HHP 489 Capstone in Health Sciences (2 SH) (part of BAS Health Science)
    B. New Program
        1. BAS Program in Health Science
    C. Revised Programs. The following were recommended and approved.   
        1. BS Major Biology Allied Health
       2. BS Major Biology Cell and Molecular Option

    Williams/Thompson, M/S  to separate out item VI. B. 1.,  BAS in Health Science from the other items recommended by the  Sub-Committee.  Motion Carried.
    M/S Williams/Kaufman to amend proposal to delete the 6 Psychology courses from the program. Motion withdrawn.
    Motion to approve the BAS program failed.

VII. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report
    A. Gen. Ed. Course.  The following was recommended by the USS.  Motion Carried.
        1. Different Culture - PER 265 Leisure in Different Cultures (3 SH). PER 265 was approved as a new course on 12/5/02 and as a USP Multicultural Perspectives course on 1/30/02 by A2C2. Gen. Ed. Different Culture designation is requested effective Summer 2002.
    B. Engineering USP Exemptions 2SH Physical Development & Wellness, 3 SH Fine & Performing Arts, 3 SH Contemporary Citizenship or Democratic Institutions. See document for summary of engineering USP.  This recommendation was approved.  
    C. USP Courses
    1. Unity & Diversity Critical Analysis
            HHP 433 Senior Health Seminar (1 SH)
            HHP 491 Therapeutic Treatment and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries (3 SH)
        2. Unity & Diversity Science & Social Policy
              ENGR 102 Introduction to Engineering (2 SH)*
         ENGR 390 Composites Manufacturing (3 SH)*
             ENGR 480 Design Project II (3 SH)*        *sequence of three courses
        3. Unity & Diversity: Multicultural Perspective
            GEOG 233 Geography of the Orient
    D. Flag Courses
    1. Writing Flag
            AIS 333 Business Communication (3 SH)
            AIS 335 Information Resource Management (3 SH)
            CHEM 430 Individual Problems (1-3 SH)
            EDUC 459 The Professional Educator (3 SH)
            ENG 439 Technical Writing (3 SH)
            ENGR 292 Properties of Materials Laboratory (2 SH)†
            ENGR 451Transport Phenomenon Laboratory (1 SH)†
            ENGR 452 Mechanical Characterization Laboratory (2 SH)†
            ENGR 465 Composite Characterization Technique (3 SH)†        †sequence of four courses
            HHP 410 Program Planning in Health Promotion (3 SH)
            HHP 430 Public Health (4 SH)
            NURS 475 Community Health Nursing (4 SH)
            PER 426 Recreational Facilities & Area Design (3 SH)
            POLS 425 Policy Studies (3 SH)
            PSY 434 History & Systems of Psychology (3SH)
            POLS 475 Democratization and Its Challenges (3 SH)
            SOC 377 Sociological Theory and Methods (3 SH)
        2. Oral Flag
            AIS 401 General Methods (2 SH)
            AIS 402 Basic Business Teaching Methods (1 SH)
            AIS 410 Administrative Communication (3 SH)
            CHEM 436 Topics in Environmental Chemistry (3 SH)
            EDST 460, 464 (1-16 variable hour courses)
            EDST 465, 467 (1-16 variable hour courses)
            ENG 303 British and American Romanticism (3 SH)
            ENG 304 Realism and Naturalism (3 SH)
            ENG 305 Modernism and Postmodernism (3 SH)
            ENG 402 Teaching Secondary English (4 SH)
            ENGR 475 Design Project I (3 SH)‡
            ENGR 491 A/B Engineering Seminar (1 SH)‡            ‡sequence of two courses.
            French 401 Phonetics & Pronunciation (3 SH)
            German 302 German Conversation and Composition (4 SH)
            HHP 328 Behavioral Interventions (3 SH)
            PSYC 431 Counseling and Clinical Psychology (3 SH)
            SOC 499 Senior Seminar in Sociology (3 SH)
            SPAN 302 The Culture of Spain (3SH) 
        3. Mathematics/Statistics or Critical Analysis Flag 
            M/S:    PER 393 Evaluation in Recreation, Tourism, and Therapeutic Recreation (3 SH)
            CA:      SPAN 402 Spanish Peninsular Literature II (3 SH)
            M/S:    EDUC 310, 311, 312, Instructional Planning/Assessment (3 SH) 
            CA:      ENG 290 Literary Studies (5 SH)

VIII. Old Business

IX. New Business
    A. Nursing - RN to MS Pathway.  Boseker/Lewis, M/S to approve.  Motion carried.

X. Notifications
    A. Art - ART 338 Silk Screen Workshop (3 SH), one-time course offering for
         Summer 2002.
    B. Chemistry and Physics - BS Major Chemistry-Physical Science (Teaching) and BS Major Physics-Physical Science (Teaching). Under note for "...individuals ... wanting only a certification for grades 9-12 chemistry" the option of physics "or 201, 202" was added.
    C. USP Notification
        MKTG 100 Marketing and Society (3SH) - U & D: Contemporary Citizenship, eff. Spring 2002

XI. Adjournment.  Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Submitted by Ted Reilly, Secretary