Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Minutes of December 5, 2001

Members Present:  Larry Bergin, , Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Shirley Eiken, Andrew Ferstl, Yogesh Grover, Drake Hokanson, Dan Kauffman, J. Paul Johnson, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Win Lewis, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Ted Reilly, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Russ Smith, Susanne Smith, Kim Snyder, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson

Guests:  Kerry Williams, Stewart Shaw, Robert Newberry, Bruce Klemz, Sara Barbor

I.       Call to order.  Meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM by Chair Charla Miertschin

II.      Adoption of agenda.  Chair added one item:  Under VIII. E. MUS 169 Jazz Improvisation Lesson-Applied (2) as a one time course offering

III.    Approval of minutes of November 14, 2001.  M/S Miller/Summa to approve, with the following change:  Date changed on the minutes to Nov. 14th, 2001.          

IV.    Chair’s report
A.  Honor’s Program discontinuation was approved by the senate; broad faculty support will be needed for the program to be revived.  
B.   AIS residence variance request failed in the senate
C.   MN Transfer Curriculum memo was approved by senate
D.  Notifications.  Department chair and college dean approval and signatures are required. 

 V.     General Education & University Studies substitutions

A.  M/S Lewis/Summa to approve: Brent Schmidt, Debra Huberty, Katie Steichen - SPED 400 Education of the Exceptional Child (3 SH) from WSU for SPED 200 Human Exceptionality (3 SH), a Different Culture Gen. Ed. Motion carried.

B.   Katie Hamilton, Jill Borgwardt, Danielle Swanson, Amy Subera, Leah Siegert - GEOG 270 Introduction to Geography of Tourism (3 SH) from WSU for Social Science Gen. Ed. M/S Miller/Reidy to approve. Motion carried.

C.   Alana Nelson - PER 417 Snowboarding (1 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills-Physical Education Activity.  M/S Kaufman/Lewis to approve.  Motion carried.

D.  Sara Berktold - ID 100 Mosaic (3) from St. Mary’s University of Winona for Basic Skills-Oral Communication.  M/S to refer her to the Communication Studies department for evaluation of credit for a possible waiver.  Motion carried.

E.   Michele Neuvirth - MUS 120 Introduction to Music Theory (3 SH) for USP Humanities. (See VI. USS item B.1.).  M/S  Schumacher/Boseker to refer to Music department for the possibility of testing out of MUS 109.  Motion carried.

 VI.    University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report

A.  Correction of course designation - ENG 222 Introduction to Creative Writing (3) and MCOM 115 Photography Appreciation (3) were approved as new, Gen. Ed., and USP courses last year.  Designation as Gen. Ed. was missed by the Registrar’s Office.  Motion to correct this matter carried.

B.   USP Course Substitution

1.   USS recommends disapproval of the request concerning the substitution of MUS 120 (Item V. E.).

2.   USS recommendation:  Under the USP, no substitution of WSU courses will be allowed.  Courses not approved for the USP cannot be substituted for USP credit, nor can USP courses approved in one USP category be substituted for credit in another USP category.  This recommendation was approved. 

3.   USS recommendation:  Student appeals of WSU Transfer Coordinator decisions regarding USP credit or course substitution will be forwarded to the USS for review and subsequent recommendation to A2C2.

M/S  Thompson/R. Smith to amend above recommendation to include wording at the end "Approval or disapproval by A2C2 requires a simple majority."  M/S Bergin/Reidy to call the previous question. Motion carried.
Amendment failed 11 to 12.

Motion VI.  B. 3. above carried.

C.   USP Courses.  The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried.

1.   Arts & Science Core - Social Science
EDUC 303 Human Development & Learning (4)
EDUC 304 Human Development & Learning (4)
EDUC 305 Human Development & Learning (4)

 D.  Flag Courses

1.   Writing Flag.  Following three courses recommended for approval.  Motion carried
ECON 304 Money and Banking (3)
HHP 340 Physiology of Exercise (4)
NURS 423 Role Development III (4)  

                           *The following courses are forwarded to A2C2 with the following comment, “Writing Flag courses ideally should require a significant amount of writing of students, and students in Writing Flag courses might be expected to write in additional formats or genres that the literature of writing in the discipline suggests is both commonplace and purposeful.

                     MATH 330 Advanced Calculus I (4)

                     STAT 210 Statistics (3)

M/S Summa/Boseker to disapprove Math 330 and Stats 210 proposals as flagged courses.  
Chair ruling:  A2C2 cannot disapprove of classes submitted for flags.  

M/S to challenge the Chairs interpretation.  Motion fails 11-9, Chair's interpretation stands.    

M/S R. Smith/Thompson to approve MATH 330 and STAT 210 proposals for writing flag

Friendly amendment to motion to address each course in separately. 

M/S R. Smith/Thompson to approve MATH 330 proposal for writing flag.  Motion failed 6-12.

M/S R. Smith/Thompson to approve STAT 210 proposal for writing flag.  Motion failed by voice vote.

M/S Summa/Johanson to forward MATH 330 and STAT 210 to Senate noting that A2C2 did not approve the flags for the two courses with the following recorded yea/nay votes (MATH 330 failed 6-12;  STAT 210 failed by voice vote) and forward the comments of the USS.  Motion carried.

2.   Oral Flag.  Following courses recommended for approval. Motion carried.

                     HHP 380 Laboratory Methods in Exercise Science (3)

3.   Mathematics/Statistics or Critical Analysis Flag.  Following courses recommended for approval. Motion carried. 

                     HHP 403 Epidemiology (3)
                     STAT 255 Data Management using SAS (3)
STAT 320 Statistical Quality Control (3)

E.   Marketing Department Flag Proposals for MKTG 320, 322, 340, and 342

                     The USS received a document entitled “notification” from the Marketing Department regarding flag designations.  The consensus of the USS was that the documentation did not “demonstrate how flagged courses address the relevant outcomes for each flag” as required by USP IV.B.1 (as the outcomes were not mentioned in said documents.)

                     M/S R. Smith/Snyder to approve the course sequence consisting of MKTG 320, 322, 340 and 342 as Writing, Oral and CA flags
M/S Schumacher/Bergin to call the previous question.  Motion failed with a vote of 6-9.
Motion withdrawn by R. Smith/Snyder.

           F.   USP Director’s Term

                     USS recommendation: Extend the current USP Director’s term by one semester, to expire at the end of spring semester 2003.  Rationale is that the search and transition to a new USP director would be difficult to undertake in the current academic year. Motion Carried.

 VII.   Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee report.  The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried.

A.  New Courses  
1.   FLAN 100 Exploratory Foreign Languages - withdrawn by department
2.   PER 265 Leisure in Different Cultures

B.   Revised Course/Program
1.   PER 399 Internship in Recreation and Tourism/Therapeutic Recreation - Credits changed from 1-10 to 1-12.  This also affects the B.A. Therapeutic Recreation Major by changing the credit requirement from 64-66 to 64-68 hours.

 VIII.  Notifications

A.  Sociology/Social Work, B.S. Major -  Sociology:  Criminal Justice

1.   Change required courses: Delete CS 115 Personal Computer Use (3) and add SOC 205 Social Interaction (3) or PSYC 210 General Psychology (3).

2.   Delete the distinction between “Foundation” courses and “Core” courses.  These courses will be combined and referred to as “Required” courses.

3.   Delete the statement “no grade lower than a “C” except for statistics from both the WSU Undergraduate Catalog and the Criminal Justice Student Handbook.  The Criminal Justice Program will now require all students to complete the statistics requirement of the major with a grade of at least a “C.”

B.   Health & Human Performance, B.S. Major - Exercise Science: Athletic Training Option

1.   Add an asterisk (*) to PSCY 210 General Psychology (3).

C.   Psychology - B. A. Major - Psychology: Option A and Option B. - Delete STAT 110 Fundamentals of Statistics (3) from Required Courses. (currently an option and deletion will not change the number of credits within the major.)

          D.  Geoscience

1.   GEOS 280 Field & Analytical Methods I - Change in prerequisite from “GEOS 220 and instructor’s permission” to “Corequisite GEOS 220, and Prerequisites ENG 111, and instructor’s permission.”

2.   GEOS 340 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy - Change in prerequisite from “GEOS 220” to “ENG 111 and GEOS 220.”

3.   GEOS 370 GIS & Imaging Techniques - Change in prerequisite from “GEOS 220 and instructor’s permission” to “CMST 191, GEOS 130, and instructor’s permission.”

4.   GEOS  370 GIS & Imaging Techniques - Change course description to read, “Basic principles and uses of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for geological and environmental applications.  Hands-on experience with ESRI’s ArcView commercial GIS package.  Prerequisite: CMST 191, GEOS 130, and instructor’s permission.  Offered alternate years.”

 IX.    Old Business

A.  MN Transfer Curriculum Policies.  Received memo from Stewart Shaw outlining specific policy for implementing the MN Transfer Curriculum.

X.      New Business.  None

XI.    Adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:43 PM.  

Respectfully submitted by Ted Reilly