Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2002

Members Present:  Barbara Boseker, Matt Bosworth, John Campbell, Andrew Ferstl, Ruth Forsythe, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Edwin Lewis, Kendall Larson, Rich MacDonald, Celeste Matthews, Charla Miertschin, Pat Paulson, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Ted Reilly, Dom Riscotti, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Suzanne Smith, Kim Snyder, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

Guests:  Stewart Shaw, Sara Barbor

  1. Call to order.  Chair called meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.  

    II.   Adoption of agenda.   

Amendments: Under V.  Course substitutions, add Richard Kodelka and Admen Ahmad.  Correction under VIII. A.  Students who do not pass 099 (not 033) .  Under VIII.  Add B.  DIS 482 Management of information Technology, add two more pre req  DIS 342 and DIS 452.  Under N.B. need a replacement for Win Lewis on the course proposal subcommittee. Approved by concensus.

III.  Approval of minutes of January 30, 2002.  Correct spelling of Professor Ferstl.  M/S to approve Kaufman/Schumacher.  Motion passed.  

IV. Chair's report.  WSU Regulation 3-4 will be discussed under VII. A.  

V. General Education Substitutions

  1. Rebecca Meyer - SOCW 435 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations (3 SH) from WSU-Rochester for Different Culture. M/S Kaufman/Hokanson to approve.  Motion failed.  M/S Lewis/Schumacher to disapprove.  Motion passed.    
  2. Richard Kodelka - RESC 233 Interdisciplinary Approach to Latin America & Caribbean Immigration in the US (4 SH) from WSU for Different Culture.  M/S to disapprove Schmuacher/Thompson.  M/S Campbell/Summa to table pending submission of a syllabus.  Motion passed.
  3. Adnan Ahmed - Computer Information Processing (3 SH) from International Educational Institute for General Education credit.  M/S Thompson/Lewis to approve.  Motion carried. 
  1. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report

    A.  USP Courses.  The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried.:

    1. Unity & Diversity: Science & Social Policy

                      BIOL 104 Conservation (3 SH)

    US director recommends that BIOL 104 be withdrawn  form the Arts & Science Core: Natural Science category.  For academic year 2001-02 it was a natural science.  Effective Summer 2002, it will count as a Unity & Diversity: Science and Social Policy course. Motion carried.
    M/S Susanne Smith/Boseker that students who took BIOL 104 Conservation during Fall 2001 or Spring 2002 be allowed to count the course as either Arts and Science Core: Natural Science or Unity and Diversity: Science and Social Policy. If the student chooses to retake BIOL 104 after Spring 2002 it will count only as Science and Social Policy.  Motion carried .

    C.  Flag Courses.  The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried.  

  1. Old Business
    1. Regulation 3-4. Chair distributed an updated draft of regulation 3-4.        
  2. Notifications
    1. English - Course description changes
      1. English 099 Introduction to College Writing - Add "Students who do not pass ENG 033, including the exit exam, will not be allowed to take ENG 111 College Reading and Writing."
      2. English 111 College Reading and Writing - Add "Prerequisite: qualifying score on the English placement exam or successful completion of ENG 099."
      3. English 410 Advanced Creative Writing: Prose - Delete "or instructor's permission."
      4. English 412 Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry - Delete "or instructor's permission."
    2. Administration Information Services
        1.    DIS 482 Management of Information Technology - Add to prerequisites: DIS 342 and DIS 452.
  3. New Business.    
  4. Adjournment. Meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM