Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee Minutes
October 17, 2001 3:30 PM Maxwell Conference Room

Memberís Present: Larry Bergin,  Barbara Boseker, Matt Bosworth, John Campbell, John Donavan, Andrew Ferstl, Drake Hokanson, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Edwin Lewis, Jon Johansen, Dan Kaufman, John Johanson, Rich MacDonald, Pat Paulson, Charla Miertschin, Dom Riciotti, Paul Schumacher, Ed Slowik, Ted Reilly, Melanie Reap, Roger Riley, Russ Smith, Susanne Smith, Ed Thompson

Guests:  Jan Karjala, Kerry Williams, Stewart Shaw

 I.       Meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm by Chair Charla Miertschin.

 II.      Adoption of agenda.  Two changes.
          A. Gen ed. Substitution ďAĒ has been withdrawn for now                                                                 
       B. Change 8A to read ďArt 444 Senior Seminar"

 III.    Approval of minutes of October 3, 2001. M/S Schumacher/Hokanson to approve.  Motion Carried.

 IV.    Chairís Report      
         A. Notifications- Please send two copies to Charla (one for Registrar, one for her).   Submit 35 copies if you want it distributed to all members.                                                                                              
       B.  3-4 is in the works  

 V.     General Education Substitutions

A.  Allen Campbell - PSYC 231 Statistics (3 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills - Math.    M/S  S. Smith /Kaufman to approve.  Motion carried.

 VI.    University Studies Subcommittee Report

A.  Flag Courses Kerry Williams recommend the following course, which are posted on the web site, for approval.   Motion carried.

1.   Writing Flag
NURS 330 Nursing Role Development I (3)
SOC 404 Law Enforcement Communication (3)

2.   Oral Flag

                      NURS 491 Capstone Experience in Role Synthesis (3)
               3.   Mathematics/Statistics or Critical Analysis Flag

                        POLS 410 Political Research II-Primary (3)
                        NURS 375 Nursing Research (3)

VII.   Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee Report.  Chair Win Lewis moved that the following be approved.   Motion carried

A.  New Courses
1.   ART 110 Experiencing Art (3 SH)
2.   MATH 315 Chaos Theory (3 SH)
3.   MKTG 341 eCommerce (3 SH)

B.   Revised Program
1.   Associate in Arts Degree

 VIII.  Notifications

A.  Art - B.A. Major-Studio Art: ART 444 Senior Seminar does not have to be repeated.  There is another upper division studio elective required, instead.  Required courses are 30 SH and Electives are 18 SH.  There is no change in the total number of credits required.

B.   Biology: Course name changes.
1.   BIOL 241 Principles of Biology I was changed to BIOL 241 Basics of Life
2.   BIOL 242 Principles of Biology II was changed to BIOL 242 Organismal Diversity

C.   B.S. Major - Sociology: Criminal Justice

  1. Drop POL 228 Public Service (3) from requirements and add three credits to electives.

  2. Course title change: SOC 404 Law Enforcement Communications to SOC 414 Law Enforcement Investigations and Communications.

  3. Course title change: SOC 491 Crime Prevention and Community Policing to SOC 491 Community Policing and Administration.

  4. Course description change: SOC 404 Law Enforcement Investigations and Communications

  5. Course description change: SOC 491 Community Policing and Administration

D.  History

  1. B.A. Major - History and B.A. Minor - History: HIST 220 Introduction to African American History (3) and HIST 235 History of the American Indian (3) are added to the list of available courses in the Different Culture History Sequence.

  2. Drop HIST 210 American Military History (3)

  3. Drop HIST 415 20th-Century Europe (3)

  4. Course title change: HIST 447 The Vietnam War to HIST 447 America in the Vietnam War Era

  5. Course title change: HIST 423 20th-Century England to HIST 423 Modern England

  6. Course description change: HIST 417 Hitler and Nazi Germany

  7. Course description change: HIST 440 World War II

  8. Course title change: HIST 495 Senior Seminar to HIST 495 Senior Research Seminar

  9. Prerequisite change for HIST 495 Senior Research Seminar: History or Social Science/History major status, senior standing, students must be carrying no Incompletes at time of registration, instructor permission required.

E.   Foreign Languages: One-time course offerings

  1. FL 108 Introduction to Arabic (3) - Fall 2001

  2. FL 109 Arabic for Travelers (3) - Fall 2001                                                                                             

IX.  New Business

      A.  AIS - B.S. Major Business (Teaching):  Request for Residency Requirement Variance

M/S Eiken/Boseker to approve a 19-30 credit residency requirement for those transfer students participating in the MN Business Teacher Education Transfer Plan.  The 11-credit variance will apply only to off-campus transfer students participating in the innovative 3-year pilot plan for business teacher education.

M/S Thompson/R. Smith to table.  Motion failed.
M/S Eiken/HokansonMotion to call the previous question.    Motion carried.

Motion carried.

 X. Adjournment
        Meeting adjourned by Chair Miertschin at 5:05 p.m.

Submitted by secretary,
Edward Reilly