Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Minutes  November 14, 2001

Members Present: Barbara Boseker, John Campbell, Ruth Forsythe, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Win Lewis, Rich MacDonald,  Celeste Matthews, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, James Reidy,  Ted Reilly, Dom Ricciotti, Ed Slowik, Ed Thompson
Guests: Stuart Shaw, Kerry Williams

I.  Call to Order:  Chair called meeting to order at 3:40 pm.

II.  Adoption of Agenda.  Chair deleted item V. d.   Chair added item VI. a. USP courses for approval:  Art 110 Experiencing Art submitted for Fine and Performing Arts approval.

III.  Approval of Minutes of 10/31/01.  M/S  Kaufman/Lewis to approve.  Motion Carried.

IV.  Chair's report
    A. MN Transfer Curriculum will be coming to a head soon. 
    B. Chair will report on rule 3-4 at the next meeting. 

V. Course substitutions
    A. Sharon Muras.  M/S Kaufman/Boseker to un-table motion from 10/31 to use  intermediate Spanish to count for Different Culture (waiving the two dept rule) and declaring the 5.33 crs qualify as six credits.  Motion Carried
    B. Kelly Curtis- ASL 1107-91 Amer. Sign Language I (3 SH) from RCTC for Different Culture.  M/S Miller/Lewis to approve.  Motion Carried
    C. Krista Iverson. 186 Studies in Leisure Culture (3 SH) from  Northern Iowa for Different Culture.    M/S  Reidy/Miller to approve.  Motion carried.
    D. Nicole Biwer- SPED 400 Education for the exceptional Child (3 SH) from WSU for SPED 200 Human Exceptionality (3 SH), a different culture gen ed. M/S to approve Miller/Lewis.  Motion carried. 

VI.  University Studies Subcommittee 
    A. USP Courses.  The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried
        1. Fine Arts and Humanities
            Art 100 Experiencing Art
    B. Flag courses. The following were recommended for approval.  Motion carried.
        1. Writing Flag
            HHP 445- Medical Aspects of Exercise (3)
        2. Mathematics/Statistics Flag or Critical Analysis Flag
            PSYC 231 Statistics (3)
    C. WSU's USP and the MN Transfer Curriculum.  USP recommends that A2C2 approve  9/9/01 memo from Stuart Shaw to A2C2  re: University Studies/MN Transfer Curriculum Course Equivalents. Motion carried.

VII. Course/Program Proposal Subcommittee Report.  
    A. New Courses.  The following were recommended  for approval.  Motion Carried.
        1.  ENG 290 Literary Studies (5)
        2.  BIOL 490 Issues in Biology (3)
        3.  ENG 470 Seminar in American Literature (3)
        4.  ENG 471 Seminar in British Literature (3)

VIII. Notifications
    A. Social Science/History: B.S. Major- Social Science/History (Secondary Social Studies Teaching).
    1. Change different culture (6hr) requirement (including language below heading) to Global Perspectives (3SH), Students in the program will complete the global or multicultural perspectives requirements of the University Studies Program by taking one of the following courses:  history 123:  East Asian Civilization, History 165: Latin American History, History 170, African Civilization. This requirement follows the guidelines established by the National  council for the Social Studies.
    B. English
        1. Course title change:  ENG432 European and Non-Western Literature to Comparative Literature
        2. Course number changes 
            a. Eng 409 Brit Lit to 1800 to ENG 301
            b. ENG 411 British and American Romanticism to ENG 303
            c. ENG 413 Realism and Naturalism to ENG 304
            d. ENG 415 Modernism and Postmodernism to ENG 305
        3. Course title and number change:  ENG 351 American Literature I to ENG 302 Early American Literature
C. Biology 
        1. Course title change:  BIOL 318 Invertebrate Biology to Invertebrate Zoology
        2. Course title change:  BIOL 303 Survey of Plants to Biology of Algae and Fungi
 D. The Department of PER wishes to notify the A2C2 Committee of the following points of information related to the Physical Education Major.

 1. Inadvertent errors in the Physical Education Major (PER)  requirements within the 2000-2002 Undergraduate Catalog which have been in the 2002-2004 catalog:  In 1999 the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP) altered their curriculum. The content of HHP 370 Kinesiology & Biomechanics - 4sh) was divided into two courses, namely HHP 370 (Mechanical Kinesiology - 3sh) and HHP 314 (Anatomical Kinesiology - 2 sh). PER subsequently voted to require only HHP 314 for our majors. Due to the timing of curricular revisions, this change was not reflected in the current Undergraduate Catalog.  An additional error noted in the current Catalog is the absence of pre-requisite requirements  for PER 201 Teaching Dance  and PER 300 Motor Learning. PER 121 Intro to Movement and Music - 1sh,  PLUS one, 1sh  Dance Activity Course  are the pre-requisites for Teaching Dance. Stats 110 Fundamentals of Statistics - 3sh  is the pre-requisite for Motor Learning. Total requirements in the PE major should  be listed at 49. Currently the catalog indicates 46 credits are  required in the major.

2. Additionally, but not necessarily requiring additional credits, completion of PER 214 (Standard First Aid & CPR) or evidence of current Standard First Aid & CPR certification through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association will become a prerequisite for graduation with a degree in Physical Education from WSU. The inclusion of this pre-requisite and the addition of the following statement in the 2002-2004 Catalog is in response to  a deficiency noted during our most recent BOT program review.

All Physical Education majors are required to obtain knowledge of, and demonstrate the ability to apply, safety, first aid and CPR procedures. Completion of PER 214 - Standard First Aid & CPR or evidence of current Standard First Aid/CPR certification is a prerequisite for graduation with a degree in Physical Education from Winona State University. To ensure compliance, the Registrar's Office will monitor the credentials of students as they apply for graduation.

IX. Old Business.  none

X. Adjournment at 4:30