Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of January 29, 2003

Members present: Barbara Boseker, Deb Cumberland, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Fred Lee, Win Lewis, Maggie McDermott, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Deanne Mohr, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Dan Rand, Melanie Reap, Alicia Reed, James Reidy, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Linda Seppanen, Richard Shields, Ed Slowik, Russ Smith, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

I.      The meeting was called to order at 3:37 pm by chair Charla Miertschin

II.     Adoption of agenda

III.    Approval of minutes of January 15, 2003. (available at m/s Summa/Lewis to approve minutes. Motion passed.

IV.     Chair’s report

        A.      Feb. 12 meeting and Assessment Day- meeting canceled, so, next meeting A2C2 in Feb. 26
        B.      Fixing *’s: Copy or print page(s) from catalog and redline or highlight changes.  Sign and send to Cathie Logan, cc: Charla Miertschin. They will be corrected on the web.  A copy will be sent to Registrar’s Office, Joanne Landers.
        C.      Budget report added as new item.  Cathy Summa discussed FY04 Budget Scenarios.  See attachment.  Budget task force meetings are open, on every Monday at noon.

V.      Committee Assignments

        A.      Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - spot remaining to be filled
                1.      Business                _______________________

VI.     General Education Course Substitution Requests

        A.      Eric Ottesen - PER 214 Standard First Aid and CPR (3 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills: Physical Education Activities. m/s Seppanen/Kauffman to approve. Discussion revolved around prior approval, but it is consistent with new USP program.  Motion passed.

VII.    Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report from January 22, 2003.  Ed Thompson mentioned that this was recommended by CPPS with a 6-0.  Motion adopted by consensus.

        A.      New Course Proposals

                1.      SOCW 445 Globalization of Social Welfare (3 SH)

VIII.   University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report from January 22, 2003.  USS recommends approval of the following courses.

        A.      Course Requirements
                1.      Unity and Diversity: Critical Analysis
                        ECON 302 Intermediate Microeconomics (3SH)
                        FIN 360 Corporate Finance (3SH)
                2.      Unity and Diversity: Global or Multicultural Perspectives
                        MATH 410 History of Math (3 SH) - Remove course from this area effective fall 2003.
                3.     Unity and Diversity: Science & Social Policy
                        GEOS 102 Resources of the Earth (3 SH)

         B.      Flag Courses
                1.      Writing
                        MATH 330 Advanced Calculus I (4 SH)
                2.      Oral
                        MATH 410 History of Math (3 SH) - Add course to this area effective fall 2003.
                3.      Mathematics/Statistics
                        FIN 335 Forecasting Methods (3SH)

            Courses were approved by A2C2.

IX.     Notifications

A.          PER Adventure Tourism minor – adjustment of credits from Area A to Area B:
Current - Area A, 24 SH and Area B, 3 SH
Proposed – Area A, 15 to 24 SH and Area B, 3 to 12 SH

X.      Old Business

        A.      In Progress (IP) grade policy.  Ed Thompson says that there are literally hundreds of these still on the books, a lot by students who are no longer at WSU.  They feel that IP is needed, but should not be on the books ad infinitum, there should be a one year limit, after that it becomes an ‘F’ or ‘NC’ on the record, just like the present “I” for Incomplete.

There is a concern about present IP grades, it is proposed to give these people one year to finish.  Also what about special cases where students may need more that one year to complete, as in students who have severe medical conditions, such as a transplant?

m/s by   Shields/Lewis to approve the proposed recommendation of the ad-hoc committee ‘IP’ policy.  Motion passed.

XI.     New Business

        A.     2005-2006 calendar was discussed.   Spring break is normally the halfway point; it was moved back one week.  Chair Miertschin discussed a calendar approval procedure.  It is hoped that a calendar committee can be formed to address A2C2 issues.  Students want to propose changes, such as starting Spring one week earlier.  They asked about earlier graduation also, which was shot down.

B.            Equestrian Science program?  Joanne Liedtke at RCTC communicated to Chair Miertschin the building of a $6M horse barn.  The ES program would be a two-year program at RCTC and they wondered if WSU would want to continue this at the junior/senior level.  After the levity, with the current budget situation, this probably will not fly.

XII.    Adjournment at 4:19 pm