Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of
March 19, 2003


Members Present: Larry Bergin, Barbara Boseker, Pauline Christensen, Deb Cumberland, Greg Edwards, Amy Hermodson, Sudharsan Iyengar, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Fred Lee, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Dan Rand, Alicia Reed, James Reidy, Richard Shields, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams


Guests:  Pauline Christensen, Anne McDonald, Alex Yard, Ken Gorman, Pam Wolfmeyer, Sara Barbor, Yogesh Grover, Ruth Forsythe, Ted Reilly


I.      Call to order by Chair Charla Miertschin at 3:36pm


II.     Adoption of agenda, added VII. E.  Banking of PER dance technique courses.  Adopted by consensus.


III.    Approval of minutes of February 26, 2003. (available at m/s Kauffman/Summa, to approve.  Motion passed.


IV.     Chair’s report 

A.            2004-2005 & 2005-2006 Calendars, students have made a counter proposal to start before MLK, lengthening spring break, adding a long weekend in April.

Faculty senate does not agree with this new proposal. 

        B.      PER -> THAD dance technique courses.  PER courses will be banked.  See item VII. E. below.


V.      Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report from March 5, 2003  Ed Thompson delivered the report. 

        A.      Revised Course Proposals 

                1.      CHEM 208 General, Organic, Biochemistry I (3 SH) to 4 SH

        B.      New Course Proposals 

                1.      ENG 324 - Projects in Writing and Language (1-2 SH) 

                2.      THAD 315 - Japanese Classical Theatre (3 SH) 

                3.      HIST 343 - Modern China (3 SH) 

                4.      HIST 398 - Topics in History with Oral Communication Emphasis (3 SH) 

                5.      ECON 430 - Asian Economies in Transition (3 SH) title corrected 

                6.      ECON 435 - North American Economies (3 SH) title corrected

        C.      Program Revision 

                1.      B.S. Major Biology - Cell and Molecular Option (BICM) – includes changes in the required and elective status of several biology, chemistry, and math courses.

        D.      New Course Proposals (for B.A. Minor - Leadership (ACEED)) 

                1.      PROF 401/501  Leadership Principles and Theories (3 SH) 

                2.      PROF 402/502  Ethical Organizational Leadership (3 SH) 

                3.      PROF 403/503  Organizational Analysis (3 SH) 

                4.      PROF 404/504 Capstone (3 SH) 

                5.      PROF 490/590  Seminars and Workshops (0.5-3 SH)

        E.      New Program - B.A. Minor - Leadership (ACEED)

        F.      New Course Proposals for B.A. Major - Global Studies 

                1.      GS  205 Cultural Encounters (3 SH) 

                2.      GS 210  Introduction to North America (3 SH) 

                3.      GS 250  Introduction to Asia (3 SH) 

                4.      GS 255  Peoples and Cultures of South and Southeast Asia (3 SH) 

                5.      GS 355  Asian International Relations (3 SH) 

                6.      GS 360 Contemporary Asian Issues (3 SH) 

                7.      JPN  101   Beginning Japanese  I (4 SH) 

                8.      JPN  102  Beginning Japanese II (4 SH) 

                9.      JPN  201   Advanced Beginning Japanese  I (4 SH) 

                10.     JPN  202  Advanced Beginning Japanese II (4 SH) course number corrected 

                11.     CHIN  101   Beginning Chinese  I (4 SH) 

                12.     CHIN  102  Beginning Chinese II (4 SH) 

                13.     CHIN  201   Advanced Beginning Chinese  I (4 SH) 

                14.     CHIN  202  Advanced Beginning Chinese II (4 SH)  course number corrected

        G.      New Program - B.A. Major - Global Studies

         All course proposals available for review at the A2C2 web site.


All courses and program under A, B and C were approved by A2C2.


Quite a bit of discussion was held concerning the leadership minor. (Items D and E)

Business Administration-Ken Gorman, Sara Barbor, Pamela Wolfmeyer

Ken Gorman addressed the committee on issues on non-faculty (MSUAASF not IFO) member proposing courses, overload,

Sara Barbor spoke next- did not get the proposal until when the subcommittee met.  Conflicts between PROF 401/MGMT 325;  PROF 402/ PHIL    which is an ethics class that Bus Admin lets the PHIL department teach; PROF 404 Textbook is social research.  Why is there a 500/graduate version of each one of these courses?  What about conflicts with the U of M courses being offered?  Staffing of courses by adjuncts.

Pamela Wolfmeyer reiterated what Ms. Barbor stated with respect to MGMT 325

Comm. Studies spoke about concerns, organizational communications, overloads, prerequisites, resource duplication, course duplication and overlap.

ACEED-Pauline Christenson, Anne McDonald

Ms. Christensen responded.  Prerequisites can be handled by instructor consent.  ACEED does not feel that there is course duplication.  ACEED has done this from business/industry feedback; they feel that these types of courses are needed.  With respect to who teaches these classes (Dave Conrad) will not be the only person who teaches these, other IFO faculty (Pam Wolfmeyer) could teach these classes.  This program will be offered to non-traditional students at nights and on weekends.


Questions from the committee related to why there was not a review of this at the subcommittee.  m/s by Shields/Summa to refer this back to the CPPS subcommittee.  M/sChristensen/Shields, that PROF 490/590 Seminars and Workshops not be referred to subcommittee.  Discussion ensued.  Seminars being offered for credit -- Thompson asked credit applied to what? Christensen said towards BS/MS, possibly students from UWL or Viterbo.  The question, “Is the role of ACEED expanding?” was asked.  Motion failed by a vote of 6 aye to 14 nay.  Motion to refer Leadership minor program and associated courses to CPPS passed.


Kauffman mentioned that the Program/courses should be addressed separately; and the program needs to be approved first. 


Items F and G were discussed in light of memo from foreign language department.  Questions about who would teach Japanese, it will be someone from Akita University and that University will pay the salary.  Issues were raised questioning why these are not being offered by the Foreign Language department.  Japanese has been taught at WSU, but more than 5 years ago.  Some schools offer foreign languages in other departments.  Program appears to be driven by Chinese/Japanese universities wanting exposure to the US and WSU courses.

A2C2 approved courses and program under F and G.


VI.     University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report from March 5, 2003  Kerry Williams gave a report. 

        A.      Recommendation

                 Under I. Course Requirements, A. Basic Skills, 2. Oral Communication, requirement f.: Delete “intrapersonal and”.

            A2C2 approved this recommendation.

        B.      Course Requirements.

                 1.      Arts & Sciences Core - Humanities

                         HIST 214 The Mississippi River in U.S. History (3 SH)

                 2.      Arts & Sciences Core - Natural Science

                         CHEM 106 Chemistry in Our World (3 SH)

                         CHEM 107 Chemistry in Our World with Lab (4 SH)

                         GEOS 201 Investigative Science I: Earth – The Water Planet (4 SH)

                3.      Arts & Sciences Core - Fine & Performing Arts

                         THAD 151 Tap Dance I (1 SH)

                         THAD 153 Jazz Dance I (1 SH)

                         THAD 253 Jazz Dance II (2 SH)

                         THAD 155 Modern Dance I (1 SH)

                         THAD 255 Modern Dance II (2 SH)

                         THAD 157 Ballet I (1 SH)

                         THAD 257 Ballet II (2 SH)

        C.      Flag Courses

                1.      Writing Flag

                         CS 410 Software Engineering (3 SH)

                         CS 470 System Design with CASE Tools (3 SH)

                2.      Oral Flag

                         CS 411 Software Testing (3 SH)

                         POLS 460 North American Relations (3 SH)

                3.      Critical Analysis Flag

                         HIST 372 Legal Research & Writing II (3 SH)

            A2C2 approved the courses above.


        The following course approvals are pending due to receipt of revisions and/or web posting:

        A.      Course Requirements

                1.      Unity & Diversity - Contemporary Citizenship

                         MUS 298

        B.      Flag Courses

                1.      Writing Flag

                         CMST 485, MTED 320, POLS 450

                2.      Oral Flag

                         STAT 415, STAT 425

                3.      Critical Analysis Flag

                         CMST 480


VII.      Notifications

        A.      Geoscience - course description changes:

GEOS 130 Earth & Life Through Time (4 SH) - Add “Focuses on the assembly and evolution of North America as a model for global processes.”

GEOS 225 Environmental Geoscience (3SH) - Course was previously offered in alternate years and will now be offered yearly (fall).  Prerequisite will change from “GEOS 120 or Instructor’s Permission” to “Any University StudiescNatural Science Course or Instructor’s Permission.”

GEOS 240 Hydrogeology (4 SH) - Course was previously offered yearly (fall) and will now be offered in alternate years (fall).

        B.      Geoscience - B.S. Major - Geoscience: Geology Option

             Substitute requirement of GEOS 315 Surficial Processes & Soils (4 SH) for GEOS 440 Basin Analysis & Tectonics (4 SH).

       C.      History - With the approval of the new course HIST 214 The Mississippi River in U.S. History (3 SH), it will be added to the required course sequence lists within the following programs with “Any two of the following:” added:

                 B.A. Major - History, United States Sequence

                 B.A. Minor - History, United States Sequence

                 B.S. Major - Social Science/History (Secondary Social Studies Teaching), United States Sequence

        D.     History - course title and description changes

            title:  HIST 336 History of American Sports (3 SH) to History of North American Sports.

description: “A historical look at the place and value of sport in American culture.” to “A historical look at the place and value of sport in North American culture.”

         E.     Carol Anderson has requested that the following courses be banked, effective Fall 2003.

PER 118 Jazz Dance I, PER 228 Jazz Dance II, PER 116 Modern Dance I, PER 216 Modern Dance II, PER 316 Modern Dance III, PER 416 Modern Dance IV, PER 128 Ballet I, PER 227 Ballet II, PER 327 Ballet III, PER 427 Ballet IV, PER 136 Tap Dance


VIII.      Old Business



X.     New Business

       A.    Recommendation from Ted Reilly (CMST) - to be formally moved and discussed at A2C2 meeting: 

No course may be repeated more than one time without the permission of the department and Dean of the College in which the course is taken.  No more than 16 credits of WSU course work may be repeated in a student’s career. This does not apply to courses, such as topics courses, which are designated “may be repeated for credit” in the catalog.

M/s Hermodson/Summa to discuss this matter.  Mr. Reilly discussed his points relating to how many times students take a class (CMST 191 up to 4 times).  Issues were discussed relating to checking prerequisites.  It was noted that some students have problems with trying to pass Math classes.  M/s Rand/Hermodson to refer this issue to ad hoc subcommittee.  An issue that will continue to arise is how to enforce any policy that is developed.  Motion passes by consent.   Committee is Dan Rand and Dan Lintin, Kerry Williams, Larry Bergin.


XII.    Adjournment at 5:11 pm.