Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee 
Meeting Minutes  October 9, 2002

Members Present:  Barbara Boseker, Deb Cumberland, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, Fred Lee, Vern Leighton, Win Lewis, Maggie McDermott, Rich McDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Dan Rand, Alicia Reed, James Reidy, Greg Schmidt, Linda Seppanen, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

I.    Meeting was called to order at 3:35  pm by Chair Charla Miertschin


II.   Adoption of agenda - approved by consensus


III.  Approval of minutes of September 25, 2002.  Correction under Members present of ‘someone from English” to Deb Cumberland.  Thompson/Miller, M/S, motion passed.    (available at http://www.winona.edu/ifo/a2c2minutes/)


IV.  Chair’s report

            Chair Miertschin reported that, according to the Registrar’s office, updated program goes into effect 1st day of fall classes.  A student who changes majors follows programs in effect at that time.  Gen Ed. or USP is determined by when they entered the University; and these dates are Fall 2001 for new students and Fall 2002 for Transfer students.

            After discussion, the Faculty Association Senate appoved that each department can name two alternates to A2C2.

V.   Committee Assignments

    A.  Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - spots remaining to be filled

                         1.   Business         _______________________

                         2.   Education       Celeste Miller

                         3.   Liberal Arts       Alicia Reed

                         4.   Nursing & Health Science   _______________________

    Lewis/Boseker, M/S, to approve committee assignments.  Motion passed.


VI.  Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report

A.  New Course

1.  PSY 309 Experimental Psychology Lab (2 SH), was approved by the subcommittee with a vote of  7-0-0.  A2C2 approved the course.


VII. University Studies Subcommittee report

A.  Flag courses - The following were recommended for approval by the USS.

                        1.   Writing

                                    CHEM 426 Analytical Chemistry (4 SH)

                         2.   Critical Analysis

                        SOCW 410 Analysis of Social Welfare Policy (3 SH)

                                    A2C2 approved courses.

B.  CMST waiver - Kerry Williams discussed the waiver.  If a student tests out of CMST 191, then credit is given for the course.  If a student has prior experience or applicable coursework for which the student receives a waiver of CMST 191, then credit is not received for the course and the student must take another course to meet the 46 SH University Studies requirement.


VIII.  Notifications

A.  Administrative Information Systems: USP Notifications

                        1.   AIS 215 Personal Finance (3 SH)

                        2.   AIS 333 Business Communication (3 SH)

                        3.   AIS 335 Information Resource Management (3 SH)

4.   AIS 401 General Methods (1 SH)

                        5.   AIS 402 Basic Business Teaching Methods (2 SH)

                        6.   AIS 410 Administrative Communication (3 SH)

            B.  Global Studies: one-time course offering

                        1.   GS 199 Diversity Issues (1 SH) – Fall 2002/Spring 2003


IX.  Old Business-none


XI.  New Business-none


XII. Adjournment, Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Paulson.