Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes  November 20, 2002

Members Present:Barbara Boseker, Susan Ballard, Deb Cumberland, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Kendall Larson, Fred Lee, Win Lewis, Rich McDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Dan Rand, Melanie Reap, Alicia Reed, James Reidy, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumacher, Richard Shields, Russ Smith, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams


  1. Meeting was called to order at 3:38pm by Chair Charla Miertschin

  2. Adoption of agenda. Correction of Item VIII. A. 2. to B. Course Requirements 1. Unity & Diversity - Critical Analysis.  Adopted by consensus.

  3. Approval of minutes of November 6, 2002.(available at, Clarification made that revised courses are listed by their current description and not the revised version.

    Shields/Lewis, m/s to approve minutes.  Motion passed.

  4. Chairís report-2 department rule abolishment was approved by the Faculty Senate.

  5. Committee Assignments, next subcommittee meetings are on December 11, 2002 due to Thanksgiving Holiday.

    ††††††††††† A.†††††††† Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - spot remaining to be filled

    ††††††††††† †††††††††† 1.†††††††† Business _______________________

  6. General Education Course Substitution Requests

    1. Brian Uhlenkamp - PSY 231 Statistics (3 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills Math requirement.  Thompson/Rans, M/S, to disapprove request, discussion followed. PSY231 has been accepted for the Basic Skills Math requirement previously on 10/23/2002 for Ms. Abby Johnson.Concern is that this student is using Math098 as a justification.Motion to disapprove fails.† Lewis/R. Smith, M/S, to approve.Motion failed with a count of 7 for, 15 against.

  7. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report - no report

  8. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report- The following courses were recommended for approval.Motion for approval passed.

    1. Flag courses

      1. Oral

                BIOL 307 Cell Biology Laboratory (1 SH)

                PSY 309 Experimental Psychology Laboratory (2 SH)

                PSY 311 Careers in Psychology (1 SH)    

    2. Course Requirements
          1.   Critical Analysis

    †††††††††††        MUS 203 Theory III (4 SH)

    †††††††††††        PSY 308 Experimental Psychology (3 SH)

  9. Notifications

         A.   Business Administration - banked courses

                  1.†††††††† POM 424 Management of Technology (3 SH)

                  2.†††††††† MGMT 447 International Labor Relations (3 SH)

         B.   Economics and Finance - one-time course offering: ECON 305 The Economy of Latin America (3 SH) - Summer 2003

         C.   English - USP Notifications

    †††††††††††   1.†††††††† ENG 417 Shakespeare: Tragedies (3 SH)

    †††††††††††   2.†††††††† ENG 447 Literary Criticism (3 SH)

    †††††††††††   3.†††††††† ENG 471 Seminar in British Literature (3 SH)

        D.   Physical Education and Recreation - Physical Education Major: Substitute PER 214 (2 SH) for PER 201 (2 SH).

  10. Old Business

    A.    Academic Calendar for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 discussion.Faculty Senate has proposed a calendar. This is presented for informational purposes and comments, and to bring to departments for discussion. Fall Semester 2004 class starts before Labor Day, Graduation Dec 17, 2004.69 class/84duty/10 nonclass duty days.Spring Semester 2005 starts January 18, 2005; after MLK day.68 class/84duty/11 nonclass duty days.Assessment day in Feb still. Spring break in March.Graduation May 6, 2005.The proposed calendar will be sent out to A2C2 members for review.Some discussion that nonclass duty days should be converted into class days, especially in the Fall semester.But others discussed need for doing research and out of class activities with students.There is also the need for community involvement.

  11. New Business 
    In Progress (IP) grade policy - solicit ad hoc committee.Registrarís office would like to formulate a more succinct policy.   IP was started to handle student internships.Chair asks for 2 or 3 members.Ed Thompson and Randy Miller volunteered.
    B.    Additional Requirements - solicit ad hoc committee.Registrarís office asked for a review of the additional requirements policy.  Shields/Lewis, M/S made to refer this to USS.  Motion passed.

  12. Adjournment- meeting was adjourned by Chair Charla Miertschin at 4:49 pm.

Submitted by Pat Paulson