Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of January
14, 2004

Attendees: Susan Ballard, Barbara Boseker, Chris Buttram, John Campbell, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Fred Lee, Vernon Leighton, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Celeste Miller, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Joyce Quella, Alicia Reed, Susan Sefkow, Richard Shields, Ed Slowik, Russ Smith, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson

Guest: J. Paul Johnson

I. Call to order at 3:36pm by chair Charla Miertschin

II. Adoption of agenda. Agenda was adopted by consensus.

III. Approval of minutes of December 3, 2003 and December 17, 2003 (e-vote). (available at
        December 3, 2003 minutes. Boseker/Ballard, m/s, to aprove.  Motion passed.
        December 17, 2003 minutes. Thompson/ MacDonald, m/s, to approve.  Motion passed.  Minutes will be updated to reflect vote count.  It was also noted that the following USP flag course proposals have not been posted on the web and will not be approve: ART 444 (oral), MKTG 420 (oral), BIOL 323 (writing).  Notification  #4 from geoscience regarding the SCIE prefix was postponed.

IV. Chairís report - Happy New Year!

V. Committee Assignments - position remaining to be filled
        A. University Studies Subcommittee (USS)
            1. Education: ____________________

VI. General Education Course Substitution Requests

A. Amanda Ames - HPR 105 Creating a Healthy Active Lifestyle (3 SH) from UW-La Crosse and/or SEPE 128 Lifetime Fitness for Women (2 SH) from Maranatha Baptist Bible College for Allied Studies (1 SH).
Ballard/Plummer, m/s, to approve. Brief discussion of Allied Studies definition for clarification. Motion passed.

B. McKenzie Schuldt - PER 417 Swing Dance Lessons (1 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills-Physical Education Activities. It was noted that this request has been previously approved.  Boseker/Plummer, m/s, to approve.  Motion passed.

VII. University Studies Course Substitution Requests

A. Andrea Bergler - ENG 131 Masterpieces in American Literature (3 SH) from WSU for USP Humanities. Approved by the USS on Dec. 10, 2003.  Recommendation passed.

B. The USS recommends that any student who has taken ENG 131 at a time when it was under General Education Humanities may receive USP credit for it in the area of USP Humanities. Motion passed with the direction that the Registrar's Office notify students of this.

VIII. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report, J. Paul Johnson

A. USPAP - e-mailed to A2C2 representatives and alternates (USPAP1.pdf)
Discussion related to adding information about budgeting.  Also there was a long discussion about gathering and use of feedback from assessment.  A2C2 members are requested to send comments directly to USP Director.

IX. Old Business

A. Calendar Committee - call for members-postponed until next meeting, request made for 3 members.

XI. New Business

A. WSU Culture Diversity Plan - proposed to Faculty Senate on December 8, 2003 - e-mailed to A2C2 representatives and alternates (DEVELOPING COMMUNITY.RTF).  A2C2 approved  to pass recommendation below from the USS on to Senate. Chair will summarize comments of A2C2.

Recommendation: While USS members certainly expressed enthusiasm for the mission of the Cultural Diversity Plan, the committee members were all opposed to the initiation of a new core course required of all students. Instead, the committee proposes that the Unity & Diversity category of the USP be the framework within which curricular development associated with cultural diversity would occur.

XII. Adjournment-Meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm by Chair Charla Miertschin