Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of February
25, 2004

Attendees: Susan Ballard, Barbara Boseker, Chris Buttram, John Campbell, Gretchen Cohenour, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Fred Lee, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Joyce Quella, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Paul Schumacher, Rich Shields, Russ Smith, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson
Guest: J. Paul Johnson

I. Call to order, the meeting was called to order at 3:36 pm by Chair Charla Miertschin

II. Adoption of agenda, correction to VIIIa., special education.  Approved by concensus.

III. Approval of minutes of January 28, 2004 (available at  Kauffman/Schumacher, m/s. to approve. Motion passed.

IV. Chair’s report. The HHP name change was approved by senate on Monday, February 23, 2004.  See agenda item IX. A.

V. General Education Course Substitution Requests

  1. Angela Bakeberg - SCI 1110 Physical Science w/lab (4 SH) from Bemidji State for Natural Science. m/s Summa/Thompson to approve. Motion passed. Note this course is not equivalent to the ‘Dynamic Earth’ course as suggested in the student’s paperwork.
  2. Lindsay Debates - GS 101 Beginning Chinese I (4 SH) from WSU for Different Culture. m/s Kaufmann/Summa to approve. Motion passed.
  3. Woody Mason - MUS 201 Music Theory I (4 SH) from WSU for Humanities. m/s Thompson/Kobolt  to approve.  Motion passed.
  4. Woody Mason - BIOL 209 Microbiology (3 SH) from WSU for Natural Science Lab credit only. m/s Thompson/Boseker to approve.  Motion passed.
  5. Nate Michalowski - MATH 113 Intermediate Algebra (4 SH) from WSU for Basic Skills: Math. m/s Schumacher/Miller to approve.  Motion passed.

VI. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report, Ed Thompson

A. New Courses

  1. MIS 200 Independent Studies in MIS (1-2 SH)
  2. ECON 401 Entrepreneurship and the American Economy (3 SH)
  3. MIS 412 Management of e-Commerce (3 SH)
  4. MIS 398 - Internship (1-9 SH)
  5. MIS 399 - Internship Problems (3 SH)
  6. OM 398 - Internship (1-9 SH)
  7. OM 399 - Internship Problems (3 SH)
  8. ENG 240 - Young Adult Literature (3 SH)

B. Revised Courses
    1. MUS 207 Music Technology II (Decrease from 3 to 2 SH)

C. New Program
    1. BA Major - Sociology - Gerontology Studies Option (43 SH) - corrections received

D. Revised Program

  1. BS Major - Music Business (Change from 96 SH to 95-96 SH)
  2. BA Major - Sociology - General Option (43 SH)

A2C2 approved all courses and programs.

VII. University Studies Subcommittee (USS) report, J. Paul Johnson

A. USPAP - revised plan e-mailed to A2C2 representatives. Motion to approve passes.
B. University Studies Course Substitution Request
1. Tanya Barth - BIOL 104 Conservation (3 SH) from WSU for Arts & Science Core: Natural Science. [Note: BIOL 104 was originally approved as a Natural Science course. Effective Summer 2002, it was changed to Unity & Diversity: Science and Social Policy.] USS recommends approval for this individual student only. Motion to approve passed.
C. Transfer Students and Flags- question from Registrar’s office. Take the course, department course substitution, or try USP course substitution request. Listed for information purposes only.
D. Course Requirements
1. Unity & Diversity: Global Perspectives
GS 210 Introduction to North America (3 SH)
2. Unity & Diversity: Multicultural Perspectives
CHIN 201 Advanced Beginning Chinese I (4 SH)
CHIN 202 Advanced Beginning Chinese II (4 SH)
JPN 201 Advanced Beginning Japanese I (4 SH)
        JPN 202 Advanced Beginning Japanese II (4 SH)
E. Flag Courses
1. Oral
ENGL 470 Seminar in American Literature (3 SH)
ENGL 471 Seminar in British Literature (3 SH)

A2C2 approved all courses and programs.

VIII. Notifications
A. Special Education - Bank the following courses:

  1. SPED 200 Exceptional Child
  2. SPED 449 Practicum B Learning Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities

B. Health and Human Performance - B.S. Major name changes:

  1. Current: Exercise Science: Athletic Training Option, new: Exercise and Rehabilitative Science: Athletic Training Option.
  2. Current: Exercise Science: Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Option, new: Exercise and Rehabilitative Science: Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Option.
  3. Current: Exercise Science: Movement Science Option, new: Exercise and Rehabilitative Science: Movement Science Option.
  4. Current: Exercise Science: Worksite Health Promotion Option, new: Exercise and Rehabilitative Science: Worksite Health Promotion Option.

C. Management of Information Systems and Operations (formerly under Business Administration)

  1. B.S. Major–Management Information Systems - rearrangement of catalog listing to reflect recent program and prefix changes; change recommended general elective from CS 150 An Overview of Computer Science (3 SH) to MIS 202 Microcomputers in Business (3 SH); Add MIS 399 Internship Problems (3 SH) (replacing BUSA 399) and MIS 412 Management of e-Commerce (3 SH) to list of electives.*
  2. B.S. Minor–Management Information Systems - rearrangement of catalog listing to reflect recent program and prefix changes; add MIS 412 Management of e-Commerce (3 SH) to list of electives.*
  3. Program name change - current: B.S. Minor–Production and Operations Management, new: B.S. Minor–Operations Management.
  4. B.S. Minor–Operations Management - rearrangement of catalog listing to reflect recent program and prefix changes; include STAT 303 Introduction to Engineering Statistics (3 SH) as option under required courses; add OM 399 Internship Problems (3 SH), ACCT 361 Intermediate Managerial/Cost Accounting (3 SH), ENGR 390 Composites Manufacturing (3 SH), ENGR 420 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3 SH) to list of electives.*
  5. Course name change - current: OM 334 Production and Operations Management (3 SH), new: Operations Management.
  6. Course name change - current: OM 414 Production Planning and Control (3 SH), new: Operations Planning and Control.
  7. Course name change - current: OM 494 Current Topics in POM (3 SH), new: Current Topics in OM.

    * Complete listing of MISO programs: comparison to current BUSA programs    new catalog listing

D. Physical Education and Recreation - changes in B.S. Major–Recreation, Tourism and Therapeutic Recreation.

  1. Current: Option A: Recreation and Tourism, new: Track A: Recreation and Tourism.
  2. Replace the word Option with Track throughout listing.
  3. Relisting of PER 203 Recreation Programming (3 SH) and PER 239 Outdoor Pursuits (3 SH) from PER Courses Required for Option A Only to PER Courses Required for Track A and Track B.

E. Nursing - course number reduction. Current: NURS 425 Transcultural Issues in Health Care (3 SH), new: NURS 325.

IX. Old Business
A. Calendar Committee - call for members: Richard Shields, Joyce Quella, Charla Miertschin volunteered to serve.  m/s Schumacher/Smith to approve member.  Motion passed.

XI. New Business
A. The Department of Health and Human Performance has requested to change its name to The Department of Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences (HERS).

XII. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 4:28pm by Chair Charla Miertschin.