Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of September
24, 2003


Attendees:  Barbara Boseker, Chris Buttram, John Campbell, Gretchen Cohenour, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Fred Lee, Vernon Leighton, Rich MacDonald, Becky McConnell, Charla Miertschin (Chair), Celeste Miller, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Joyce Quella, Alicia Reed, James Reidy, Larry Reuter, Paul Schumacher, Susan Sefkow, Ed Slowik, Russ Smith, Cathy Summa

US Director, J. Paul Johnson


I.       Call to order & welcome.  Meeting was called to order at 3:36pm by Chair Charla Miertschin.


II.      Adoption of agenda.  Schumacher/Boseker, m/s, to approve agenda with the addition of XI. A. WSU Regulation 3-4 Policy Committee.  Motion passed.


III.     Approval of minutes of September 10, 2003. (available at  Kauffman/Summa, m/s, to approve.  Motion passed.


IV.    Chairís report

    A.    Department representatives


V.     Committee Assignments

    A.    Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - two representatives from each college.

  1. Business           __Bill Murphy_____     _______________

  2. Education:  Roger Riley           ___Melanie Reap__

  3. Liberal Arts:  Fred Lee, John Campbell

  4. Nursing & Health Science:  Linda Smith, Phil Appicelli

  5. Science & Engineering:  Bob Kopitzke, Ed Thompson

1st meeting date: still to be determined
Smith/Schumacher, m/s, to approve new members.  Motion passed.

    B.   University Studies Subcommittee (USS)


  1. English: Chris Buttram

  2. Communication Studies: Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest

  3. Nursing & Health Science         ________________(to replace Randy Miller)

  4. Education          Celeste Miller

 Boseker/MacDonald, m/s, to approve new member.  Motion passed.

VI.   General Education substitution - none


VII.  University Studies Subcommittee report by J. Paul Johnson

    A.     USP Course substitutions - reported that discussion will continue

    B.     Course Requirements

         1.    Basic Skills: Oral Communications

                                     CMST 191 Introduction to Public Speaking (see notification below)

         2.    Unity & Diversity: Multicultural Perspectives

                                     AIS/BUED 350 Quality of Work Life

    C.   Flag Courses

         1.    Writing

                                     MCOM 400 Mass Communication Theory

                                     MCOM 450 International Broadcasting

         2.   Oral

                                     MCOM 405 Mass Media Issues & Ethics


        3.    Critical Analysis

                                     PS 380 Political Research I-Secondary

     Courses approved by A2C2.



    A.  postponed-  Biology - course title change - BIOL 104   old: Conservation of the Environment

                                                                         new: Environmental Science and Conservation.

    B.   Communication Studies - course title and number change (effective summer session I 2004)

                   old: CMST 261 Public Speaking

                   new: CMST 191 Introduction to Public Speaking

        Discussion as to whether other entities need notification of this change.

    C.  Geoscience - US Notifications

         1.   GEOS 280 Writing flag retroactive to Fall 2001 and Fall 2002

         2.   GEOS 340 Writing flag retroactive to Fall 2001 and Fall 2002


IX. Old Business

    A. Calendar committee-Chair Miertschin and Dan Kauffman have met will hopefully have something for the next meeting.


XI. New Business

    A.   WSU Regulation 3-4 Policy Committee - Chair seeks volunteers for new committee to look into the 3-4 policies and forms.  Volunteers:  Cathy Summa, Randy Joyce, Chris Buttram, Joyce Quella, and Randy Miller.


X.   Adjournment at 3:52  pm by Chair Charla Miertschin