Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of November
5, 2003

Attendees: Susan Ballard, Barbara Boseker, Chris Buttram, John Campbell, Gretchen Cohenour, Andrew Ferstl, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, Fred Lee, Vernon Leighton, Rich MacDonald, Charla Miertschin, Randy Miller, Anne Plummer, Kevin Possin, Joyce Quella, Paul Schumacher, Ed Thompson, Kerry Williams

Guests: J. Paul Johnson

I. Call to order - Meeting was called to order at 3:38 p.m. by Chair, Charla Miertschin


II.  Adoption of Agenda - Items added under XI. New Business: A.  MnSCU 3.10 policy, B. changes in library services, C. Transfer credits-MN house bill


III.  Approval of minutes of October 22, 2003. Schumacher/Kauffman, m/s, to approve.  Motion passed with minor corrections. (name of Jeff Draskoci-Johnson misspelled)


IV.  Chair’s report

We have reached a critical stage in IFO contract negotiations.  Union negotiators will be sending out e-mail updates.  Read e-mails and consult the IFO webpage for more information.  Questions may be directed to Mary Kesler or Matt Hyle.


V.  Committee assignments - positions remaining to be filled (No action)

A.  Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS)

            Business ________________________________

B.  University Studies Subcommittee (USS)

            Education ______________________________


VI.  General Education substitution

A. Josh Piotrowicz - transfer credits from Minnesota Bible College, Rochester, MN in Different Cultures category.  After consultation with the registrar’s office the transfer credits for humanities and social science referred to at October 8 meeting were accepted as part of the original General Education program.  Therefore, the only transfer course in question was BST Life of Christ:  Gospel of Matthew as a substitute for WSU Different Cultures requirement.


Campbell/Possin, m/s, to disapprove this course as a course substitution.  Much discussion followed.


Plummer/Thompson, m/s, to call the previous question.  Motion passed.


Motion passed with a division of: 9 yes, 7 no. (Substitution request denied.)


VII. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) report, Ed Thompson.

Notice:  last time committee will meet for the academic year 03-04 will be 3/31/04.  Therefore, the last call for new courses to be submitted to the subcommittee will be at the A2C2 meeting on 3/24/04.


            A.        New courses

                        1.         MUS 108 Audio Production I (3 SH)

                        2.         MUS 208 Audio Production II (3 SH)

                        3.         MUS 207 Electronic Music II (3 SH)

                        4.         MUS 256 Jazz Improvisation II (2 SH)

                        5.         MUS 355 Jazz Improvisation III (2 SH)

                        6.         MUS 356 Jazz Improvisation IV (2 SH)

                        7.         CMST 291 Topics in Multicultural Communication (3 SH)

            B.         Revised courses

                        1.         POLS 240 (new # 343) Human Rights in Theory and Practice (3 SH)

                        2.         CMST 196 (new # 296) Fundamentals of Interviewing (3 SH)

                        3.         CMST 391 (new # 451) Topics in Communication Studies (3 SH)

                        4.         CMST 392 (new # 452) Topics in Rhetorical Studies (3 SH)

            C.        New programs

                        1.         Sociology - Family Studies option

                        2.         Sociology - Human Services option

            D.        Revised programs

1.         B.A. Major – Communication Studies.  Revisions include the deletion of CMST 261 and various course number changes and various reorganization.  Major remains at 42 SH.

2.         B.A. Minor – Communication Studies.  Revisions include the deletion of CMST 261 the incorporation of more electives.  Minor remains at 21 SH.

                        3.         B.A. Minor – Intercultural Communication.  Revisions include a reorganization of required and elective courses.  Minor remains at 21 SH.

A2C2 approved courses and programs.


E.         Assignment of courses to 100, 200, 300, or 400 level.  Ed Thompson sought clarification of 100-400 level courses.  Question as to criteria for labeling of courses.  After discussion, consensus is that departments are free to present courses at levels they deem appropriate.


VIII. University Studies Subcommittee (USS), J. Paul Johnson

            Notice:  There will be no USS meeting on 11/26/03.

A. USP course substitution process - Small amendments have been made to previous forms already approved.


B. USP Assessment Plan - The USP assessment plan is currently being reviewed by the subcommittee with regard to context of need, goals, and underlying principals or plan.  Details to follow.


            C.        Course Requirements

                        1.         Arts & Science Core: Natural Science

                                    GEOS 104 Catastrophes & Extinctions (3 SH) - pending revisions

                                    GEOS 116 Meteorology (3 SH) - pending revisions

                        2.         Unity & Diversity: Science & Social Policy

                                    GEOS 325 Environmental Geoscience (3 SH)

            D.        Flag Courses

                        1.         Writing

                                    HIST 496 Senior Research Seminar II (3 SH) - pending revisions

                                    HIST 370 Legal Writing and Research I (3 SH)

                        2.         Critical Analysis

                                    BIOL 310 Genetics (3 SH)

                                    HIST 495 Senior Research Seminar I (3 SH) - pending revisions

            E.         Flag removal

                        1.         English: Remove oral flag from ENG 303, 304, and 305.

                        2.         English: Remove writing flag from ENG 470 and 471.


A2C2 approved courses


E.  Johnson clarified that the English department’s removal of flags from ENG 303,304 and 305 and ENG 470 and 471 will be effective fall 2004 while department undertakes new flag proposals.


IX. Notifications

            A.        Biology

                        1.         BIOL 241 - course title change - current: Principles of Biology I (4 SH), new: Basics of Life

                        2.         BIOL 242 - course title change - current: Principles of Biology II (4 SH), new: Organismal Diversity

                        3.         BIOL 426 - one-time course offering: Animal Behavior Lab (1 SH), Spring 2004

                        4.         BIOL 444 - course title change - current: Hematology (2 SH), new: Immunochemistry and Hematology

5.         BIOL 446 Immunology Laboratory (1 SH) - course description change - new: This course will introduce students to the theory and applicaiton of modern immunological techniques.  Topics included are antibody detection methods using precipitation, agglutination, ELISA, western blot analysis, immunoifluorescence, and immunoelectrosphoresis.  Other methods include SDS-PAGE, antigen preparation, protein analysis, and differential white blood cell counts.  Co-requisite: concurrent or previous enrollment in BIOL 445.  Offered yearly.

                        6.         BIOL 462 - course title change - current: General Parasitology (4 SH), new: Parasitology.

            B.         Communication Studies

1.         CMST 381 Advanced Intercultural and International Communication (3 SH) change in prerequisites- Current: CMST 281.  New: CMST 281 or instructor’s permission.

2.         CMST 399 Internship (3 SH) - change in prerequisites- Current: Instructor’s consent and a minimum major GPA of 2.50.  Add: CMST majors only.

3.         CMST 466 Organizational Communication (3 SH) - change in number and prerequisites- Current: Two of the following: CMST 371, CMST 387, and CMST 389 or instructor’s permission.  New number: 366, new prerequisite: CMST 191 and 282 or instructor’s permission for non-majors.

4.         CMST 480 Communication Research Methods (3 SH) - change in number and prerequisites- Current: CMST 371 or CMST 387, or CMST 466.  New number: 380, new prerequisite: one 3xx-level theory course.

5.         CMST 485 Senior Seminar in Communication Theory (3 SH) - change in description and prerequisites- Current: In-depth study and research on individually selected topics.  The seminar and students’ research projects build upon work begun in CMST 480.  Prerequisite: CMST 380.  New: In-depth study and research on individually selected topics.  Prerequisites: CMST 380, ENG 111, an additional 3xx-level theory course, and instructor’s permission.

6.         Permanently drop the following courses:  CMST 151 Forensics Activities (1-2 SH), CMST 280 Nonverbal Communication (3 SH), CMST 285 Native American Rhetoric and Culture (3 SH), CMST 286 African-American Rhetoric and Culture.

                        7.         Bank the following major: B.A. Major-Organizational Communication Option.

8.         Bank the following courses: CMST 356 Communication Technology (3 SH), CMST 385 Health Communications (3 SH), CMST 461 Political Communication (3 SH).

            C.        Education

                        1.         EDUC 416 - course title change - current: Early Childhood Curriculum I (4 SH) new: Early Childhood/Kindergarten Curriculum

            D.        English

                        1.         Change of major or minor name:

                                    Current: B.A. Major-English, new: B.A. Major-English: Literature and Language

                                    Current: B.A. Major-English: First Combining Major, New: B.A. Major-English: First Combining Major-Literature and Language

                                    Current: B.A. Minor-English, new: B.A. Minor-English:  Literature and Language

2.         ENG 106 ESL: Academic Reading and Writing I (3 SH) - course description change - New: Intensive practice in academic English, with special attention to reading comprehension, including vocabulary, grammar and basic writing skills.  Designed to prepare non-native speakers for more advanced English courses and help them become successful in other academic disciplines.  Must be followed by ENG 107.

3.         ENG 107 ESL: Academic Reading and Writing II (3 SH) - course description and prerequisite change - New: Further development of communicative skills in academic reading and writing for advanced non-native speakers.  Focusing on organizational/rhetorical skills in writing and comprehension of culturally particular academic texts.  Specific practice and preparation for ENG 111.  Prerequisites: 106 or placement through testing.

4.         ENG 301 - course title and description change - Current: British Literature to 1800 (3 SH), New: British Literature to 1660 (3 SH), A survey course of early English literature from the old English period through 1660.

5.         ENG 302 - course title and description change - Current: American Literature to 1840 (3 SH), New: Enlightenment and Revolution (3 SH), British and American literature from the seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century.  Offered yearly.

6.         ENG 402 - course title and description change - Current: Teaching Secondary English (4 SH), New: Teaching Middle School and Secondary English (4 SH), A study of the goals and methods of the middle school and secondary English teacher, and of the content and structure of the middle school and secondary English curriculum.  Attention to young adult literature.

7.         ENG 432 Comparative Literature (3 SH) - course description change - New: An examination of texts withing their cultural contexts and exploration of strategies for comparing texts from various cultural traditions.

            E.         Music

                        1.         MUS 207 Composition (2 SH) - course number change - new: MUS 205

                        2.         MUS 252 Jazz Improvisation (2 SH) - course number and title change - new: MUS 255 Jazz Improvisation I.

            F.         Theatre and Dance

                        1.         THAD 315 Japanese Classical Theatre (3 SH) - course number change - new: THAD 312


X.  Old business

A. Calendar Subcommittee.  Kaufmann/Schumacher, m/s, to approve draft of charges for the Academic Calendar Subcommittee (ACS), a standing subcommittee of A2C2.Three representatives have met to gather information on calendar.  Subcommittee is seeking more input from faculty. 


B.  Regulation 3-4 ad hoc committee report.  Thompson/MacDonald, m/s, motion to untable the Bratt/Thompson motion of 10/8.  Motion passed.

Bratt/Thompson motion to make a change in the notification instructions from “approval” of college dean to “recommendation” of college dean was discussed.


MacDonald/Schumacher, m/s, to call the previous question.  Motion passed.


Motion passed.


Schumacher/Plummer, m/s, to add checkbox list to the top of the Notifications form.  Motion passed.


XI.  New Business

            A. MnSCU 3.10 Policy-purpose of this policy was questioned, no formal action taken.


XII.  Adjournment.  Thompson/Quells, m/s, to adjourn.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 5:06 p.m.