Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of
September 8, 2004

Members Present: Larry Bergin, Chris Buttram, Ron Elcombe, Armando Gonzalez, Sara Hein, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Tania Krueger, Fred Lee, Chris Malone, Rich McDonald, Randy Miller, Pat Paulson, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Don Scheid, Greg Schmidt, Susan Sefkow, Paul Schumaker, Richard Shields, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson

Alternates Present: Charla Miertschin, Ann Rethlefsen, Roger Riley, Gretchen Cohenour

Guests: J Paul Johnson, Glenn Petersen

I. Call to order & welcome- the meeting was called to order at 3:30pm by 2003-2004 Chair Charla Miertschin.

II. Adoption of agenda-the agenda was adopted by consensus.

III. Elections-release time will be considered for the A2C2 chair will be considered at the next Meet & Confer. The faculty Senate declined to accept the nomination put forth in spring 2004. Chair gave a description of the job. Then the floor was opened for nominations for the next Chair. m/s Shields/Smith to table the chair election so that A2C2 members can recruit candidates. Motion passed.
    A. Chair ___________________________
    B. Secretary __Pat Paulson__________________

IV. Approval of minutes of April 21, 2004. (available soon at m/s Schumacher/Miller to aprove.  Motion  passed.

V. Chairís report
    A. Review of policies
        1. CPPS - original + 11 copies and e-copy sent to A2C2 chair
        2. USS - original + 11 copies sent to A2C2 chair and e-copy sent to Kathy Schott
        3. Notifications - original + 1 copy sent to A2C2 chair
    B. WSU Reg. 3-4
    C. A2C2 Chair - duties, release time, term, job description attached.

VI. Committee Assignments - College representatives caucused and recommended the following members.
    A. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - two representatives from each college.
        1. Business: Sohail Subhani, Bill Murphy
        2. Education: Ann Rethlefsen, Roger Riley
        3. Liberal Arts: Fred Lee, tba
        4. Nursing & Health Science Linda Smith Phil Apicelli
        5. Science & Engineering Sara Hein Chris Malone
            m/s Schumacher/Ballard to approve subcommittee members.  Motion passed.
    1st meeting date: September 15, 2004, time and location tba
    B. University Studies Subcommittee (USS)
        1. English: Chris Buttram
        2. Business: Dan Kaufmann
        3. Math: Jeff Draskoci-Johnson (completion of last year of Terry Priceís term)
            m/s Schumacher/Miller to approve subcommittee members. Motion passed.
    1st meeting date: September 15, 2004 at 3:00 pm, Kryzsko Dining Rm. D

VII. University Studies Subcommittee report, J. Paul Johnson
    A. Updates by Professor Johnson. Reminder to make sure that students will still be able to complete major classes and USP requirements by following the courses laid out in the Major outline of classes.
    B. US course substitutions - many are coming
    C. Assessment plan - process will begin this year
    D. Int'l student waiver from USP multicultural perspectives category - This is not allowed under the USP.

VIII. Notifications
    A. Computer Science - University Studies Notifications-specific semesters need to be clarified. This will be done by the Chair.
        1. CS 341 Advanced Data Structures (4 SH) - Math/Stat Flag (fall, spring)
        2. CS 371 Object Oriented Design & Development (3 SH) - Oral Flag (fall, spring)
        3. CS 410 Software Engineering (3 SH) - Writing flag (fall, spring)
        4. CS 411 Software Testing (3 SH) - Oral flag (fall)
        5. CS470 System Design CASE Tools (3SH) Ė Writing flag, (spring)
            Specific semesters will be clarified before submission to Registrar.
    B. Education - course title and prerequisite change
        1. BUED 320, current: Publication Design and Presentation Technology, Prerequisite: BUED 202 or equivalent. New: Business Technology. Prerequisite: BUED 203 or equivalent.
        2. BUED 330, current: Business Information Processing, Prerequisite: BUED 202 or equivalent. New: Advanced Business Technology. Prerequisite: BUED 203 or equivalent.
    C. Foreign Language - one-time course offering
        1. Beginnerís Russian (3 SH), fall 2004.
    D. Management of Information Systems and Operations - course prefix change from DIS to MIS
        1. 472 Management of Local and Wide Area Networks [missed last year]

IX. Old Business-None

XI. New Business-None

XII. Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned by Chair Charla Miertschin at 4:30pm.