Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of
September 22, 2004

Members present : Larry Bergin, Barbara Boseker, Chris Buttram, Ron Elcombe, Maryam Eslamloo-Grami, Armando Gonzalez, Sara Hein, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Kathryn Lammers, Fred Lee, Chris Malone, Becky McConnell, Rich MacDonald, Randy Miller, Bill Murphy, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, Melanie Reap, James Reidy, Ann Rethlefsen, Don Scheid, Greg Schmidt, Paul Schumaker, Susan Sefkow, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson

Alternates present: Charla Miertschin
Guest: J.Paul Johnson

I. Call to order & welcome - The meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm by last year’s chair Charla Miertschin.

II. Adoption of agenda – approved by consensus.

III. Elections
A. Chair __________?________________
Miller/Lee m/s to nominate Charla Miertschin. Nomination was not accepted pending clarification of reassigned time issue for current academic year.

IV. Approval of minutes of September 8, 2004. (available at Some minor typos corrected. Schumacher/Kauffman m/s to approve. Motion passed.

V. Chair’s report - No news to report.

VI. General Education Course Substitution Requests

  1. Ali Coates - CMST 291 Topics in Multicultural Communication: Women of Color (3 SH) from WSU for Different Culture.  Summa/Lee m/s to approve. Dan Kauffman asked question about problem finding Different Cultures class because major courses cannot be used for Gen Ed unless A2C2 approves. Motion passed.
  2. Brad Kreofsky - ENG 220 Mulicultural American Literature (3 SH) from WSU for Different Culture. Miller/Plummer m/s to approve. Motion passed.
  3. Erin McFarlane - HLTH 1005 CPR (1 SH) from Century Community College for Allied Studies. Kauffman/Schumacher m/s to approve. No discussion. Motion passed.
  4. Erin Raverty - RESC 233 Latin American & Caribbean Immigration (4 SH) from WSU for Different Culture. Miller/Boseker m/s to approve. Teacher did not want this counted as a University Studies, but almost all students who have taken this course have made this request. Motion passed.
  5. Jared Sanders - CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I (4 SH) and CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II (4 SH) for Different Culture. Boseker/Miller m/s to approve. No discussion. Motion passed.

VII. Committee Assignments
    A.   Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - two representatives from each college.
        1. Liberal Arts _____None yet___________

VIII. Course & Program Proposal Subcommittee report

  1. Chair – Fred Lee chaired, but no one offered to be chair. May be due to duties not being specified. Ed Thompson put together this list. Will present at next meeting.
  2. New Course Proposal HERS recommendation was approved.
      1. NURS 311 Clinical Decisions: Adult Health I (2 SH)
  3. Revised Course Proposals
    1. NURS 331 Nursing Role Development II (3 SH)
    2. HERS 362 Practicum in Athletic Training (1-5 SH)
  4. Revised Program Proposals
    1. B.S. Major - Nursing: Generic Option (96 SH) – tabled on 9/15
    2. B.S. Major - Exercise and Rehabilitative Science: Athletic Training Option (36 SH)

    All courses and programs were unanimously approved (except where noted).
    A2C2 approved all course and programs recommended for approval.

IX. University Studies Subcommittee report, J. Paul Johnson. Made a report of substitutions, but these were already OK in Feb 2002 by A2C2.

  1. US course substitutions - BIOL 104 Conservation (3 SH) for Science and Social Policy - Nick Weber, Katrina Gierhart, Trisha Meehl, and Jennifer Thesing.

[Note: Fall 2001, Spring 2002 - Natural Science. Summer 2002 - present - Science and Social Policy. Students who took the course during the first two semesters could choose USP placement.] A2C2 approved USP substitutions. Paul Johnson will follow up with Registrar regarding BIOL 104’s US designation.

  1. USPAP. Plan was approved by Faculty Senate and brought to Administration at the end of last academic year. Administration is offering 10 extra duty days for assessment area committee chairs as an alternative to the 3 SH per semester requested.
  2. Another issue is the ‘*’ contained in the catalog for additional requirements. These may be wrong, so departments should check. This applies only to Arts and Science core courses.

X. Notifications

  1. Economics/Finance
    1. Prerequisite change for FIN 463 Cases in Financial Management (3 SH). Current: FIN 360 and computer requirement of student’s major. New: ECON 303, FIN 335, FIN 360, and FIN 377 and computer requirement of student’s major.
    2. One-time course offering - ECON 390 Economies of the Middle East (3 SH), spring 2005.
  2. Political Science & Public Administration
    1. Course title change - POLS 335 current: Political Systems of Latin American Countries (3 SH). New: Politics in Latin America.
  3. Nursing
    1. Course description change - NURS 321 Caring Concepts II (3 SH). Current: Focuses on health promotion for self, individuals and groups, and building on professional role development as case manger and change agent. Previous roles of provider of care, scholar, and advocate will continue to be emphasized in working with families and communities in order to prepare the student to work with client across the health continuum of care. New: The course focuses on the application of the nursing process with families, groups, and communities, including high risk population groups. Emphasis is on health promotion across the life span, health risk appraisal and assessment techniques for families groups, and communities, and public health principles for population-based practice. Students will be introduced to major/national public health initiatives.
    2. Course title change - NURS 330, current: Nursing Role Development I (3 SH). New: Role Development I.
    3. Course title change - NURS 345, current: Health Assessment I (3 SH). New: Health Assessment.
    4. Course title and prerequisite change - NURS 411, current: Nursing care of Adults and their Families (2 SH), prerequisites: NURS 330, 360, 366. New: Clinical Decisions: Adult Health II, prerequisites: NURS 311, 330, 331, 360, 366.

XI. Old Business
    A. WSU Representative on the statewide IFO Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). Alex Yard will continue if needed, but he would like someone else to do this.

XII. New Business

  1. Term of A2C2 Chair

    Length of appointment could be determined locally [at A2C2] with Faculty Senate approval. It was also mentioned that this appointment needs to be done semester before it begins.

    Elcombe/Thompson m/s to have election for A2C2 chair in the fall of the third year, with the release time going to the chair and not the chair-elect.

    Discussion was held regarding term length, time of election, duties of chair-elect, and possible mechanism to remove chair for cause.

    Summa/Buttram m/s to table motion. Motion passed.

    Volunteers were solicited to serve on an ad hoc subcommittee to develop this issue: Rich MacDonald, Ron Elcombe, Tonia Krueger, Chris Malone, Charla Miertschin will meet to create a list of chairperson duties and term of service.

XI. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 4:32 pm by last year’s chair Charla Miertschin.