Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes of
October 20, 2004

Attendees : Chris Buttram, Ron Elcombe, Armando Gonzalez, Amy Hermodson, Dan Kauffman, James Kobolt, Tonia Krueger, Kathryn Lammers, Fred Lee, Chris Malone, Rich MacDonald, Randy Miller, Bob Newberry, Pat Paulson, Anne Plummer, James Reidy, Greg Schmidt, Cathy Summa, Ed Thompson
Guest: J.Paul Johnson(USP), Doug Callahan(PER)

I. Call to order & welcome- The meeting was called to order at 3:40pm by chair Charla Miertschin.

II. Adoption of agenda - approved by consensus.

III. Approval of minutes of November 3, 2004. (available at http://www.winona.edu/ifo/a2c2mintues/) m/s MacDonald/Kauffman to approve, no changes, motion passed.

IV. Chair’s report - Please continue to send curricular proposals directly to the A2C2 Chairperson.

V. General Education Course Substitution Requests

A. Mary Marmorstone - PER 257 Leisure in American Indian Culture (3 SH) from WSU for Different Culture. m/s Miller/Reidy to approve. Student took course when it was a one-time course offering before it was added to USP. Just different course number. Motion passes.

B. Andrew Senn - ART 110 Experiencing Art (3 SH) from WSU for Humanities. m/s MacDonald/Buttram to approve. No discussion. Motion passes.

VI. Committee Assignments

A. Course and Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) - two representatives from each college.
    1. Liberal Arts ________________ no action

VII. Course & Program Proposal Subcommittee report from 11/10/04, Fred Lee reported. Motion passed.

A. New Courses

  1. PER 190 Introduction to Teaching in Physical Education (1 SH)
  2. PER 205 Teaching Middle/Secondary Physical Education (3 SH)

B. Revised Programs

  1. B.S. Major - Physical Education (Teaching) - 49 SH (subject to A2C2 points of notification. Notifications accepted by A2C2.)
  2. B.A. Major - History
  3. B.S. Major - Elementary Education with Early Childhood Emphasis - 127 SH
    A2C2 approved the courses above.

C. Online delivery issues update - none

VIII. University Studies Subcommittee report from 11/10/04, J. Paul Johnson reported.

A. University Studies Program Assessment Plan (USPAP) - Assessment area committees - members have been selected for most, Senate approved.

B. PER/THAD activities courses- expect update after December 8th.

C. Flag Courses

  1.  Critical Analysis Flag- approval recommended, motion passes.

GEOS 415 Advanced Geomorphology (4 SH)
GEOS 420 Applied Hydrology (4 SH)
A2C2 approved the courses above.

D. Course substitution requests

  1. Phil Choukalas - BIOL 1110 Environmental Biology (3 SH) from Normandale CC for Arts & Science Core: Natural Science. Awaiting paperwork from department, has been received, take up at next meeting.
  2. Adam Gilbertson - ENG 170 Writing Seminar (4 SH) from Carroll College for Basic Skills: College Reading & Writing. Recommended for approval, motion passed.

IX. Notifications

A. English

  1. B.A. Major – English: Literature and Language - Under Electives (13 SH) Replace the word "literature" with "English".
  2. B.A. Major – English: Writing Option - Under Electives (13 SH) Replace the word "literature" with "English".
  3. University Studies Notifications [Note: These 2 courses will now count under USP for International students.]

 ENG 106 ESL: Academic Reading and Writing I (3 SH), Arts & Science Core: Humanities back to fall 2001.
ENG 107 ESL: Academic Reading and Writing II (3 SH), Unity & Diversity: Multicultural Perspectives back to fall 2001.

B. PER - course title changes

  1. 130, current: Badminton, Golf, Tennis, Bowling (3 SH). New: Individual/Dual Sports & Activities
  2. 132, current: Tumbling, Rhythmic, & Recreational Activities (3 SH). New: Rhythm, Dance, Tumbling & Movement Forms.
  3. 133, current: Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer (3 SH). New: Team Sports & Activities.

X. Old Business-none

XI. New Business

A. Calendar committee - formed last year as a standing committee of A2C2. Members: Charla Miertschin, Joyce Quella (currently not a member or alternate of A2C2), Richard Shields –need new member. Two year commitment required. Will meet mainly in spring semester 2004. Chris Malone volunteered. Motion passes.

B. Cathy Summa reported Academic calendar error in regards to grade due date.

XII. Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned by chair Charla Miertschin at 4:03 pm.