Faculty Association & All University Committees


  • The person whose name has an asterisk after it is asked to call the first meeting in the fall.
  • Encourage attempts to schedule when all members can attend or, of that is not possible, alternating meetings so that all members can attend at least some of the time.
  • Review with members the nature and charge of the committee and recommend whether it is necessary for this committee to exist.
  • Each committee should meet at least once a semester, unless totally inappropriate because of the committee task.
  • The Faculty Senate appoints faculty members to Faculty Association Committees, All University Committees, All College Level Committees, Task Forces and Teams.
  • Please send copies of all minutes to IFO President (Darrell Downs) and Committee on Committees Chairperson (H. Vernon Leighton). 

WSU Faculty Association Committee Charges

  1. A2C2 Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee 
  2. Academic Partnerships for Sustainability Committee  
  3. Action Committee 
  4. Advanced Program Assembly  
  5. American Democracy Project Advisory Committee  
  6. Athletics Review Committee 
  7. Bookstore Committee 
  8. Budget Committee  
  9. Career Services Advisory Committee  
  10. CAST Advisory Committee 
  11. Catalog Review Committee 
  12. Center for Mississippi River Studies Committee 
  13. CLASP Lecture Series Committee 
  14. Committee on Committees 
  15. Elections and Procedures Committee 
  16. Executive Committee 
  17. Faculty Association Scholarship Committee 
  18. Faculty Development Committee 
  19. Faculty Adult & Continuing Education Oversight Committee 
  20. Feminist Issues Committee 
  21. Frozen River Film Festival Committee 
  22. GLBTA Issues Committee 
  23. Governmental Relations Committee 
  24. Grade Appeals Committee 
  25. Graduate Council 
  26. Library Committee 
  27. Multicultural Issues Committee (WSU) 
  28. National Student Scholarship Committee 
  29. Online Education Committee 
  30. Personnel Policies and Grievance Committee 
  31. Professional Science Master’s Degree Implementation Task Force 
  32. Research Celebration Planning Committee 
  33. Residential College Academic Future Taskforce 
  34. Social Committee 
  35. Student Affairs Committee 
  36. Study Abroad Committee 
  37. Summer Model Task Force 
  38. Teacher Education Assembly 
  39. Travel Study Advisory Committee 
  40. Women’s & Gender Studies (WAGS) Advisory Committee 
  41. WSU FA Facilities and Finance Committee 
  42. WSU FA Technology Committee

Faculty - Student Task Forces

  1. Joint Faculty-Student Task Force on Academic Advising

All University

  1. Academic Standing Task Force
  2. Advancement and Academic Advisory Committee (formerly Commencement)
  3. Affirmative Action and Title IX Compliance Committee
  4. Affirmative Action Officer Search Committee 
  5. All-University Campaign Committee 
  6. Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee
  7. Arts Collection Committee 
  8. AUTC: Technology and e-Learning Committee
  9. Calendar Committee 
  10. Dean of College of Business Search Committee
  11. Dean of International Programs Search Committee
  12. Director of International Services Office Search Committee 
  13. Enrollment Management Committee  
  14. Facilities and Finance Committee 
  15. Graduate Student Experience Committee 
  16. Grandparents University Task Force 
  17. Hall of Fame Committee 
  18. Inaugural Planning Committee
  19. Inclusive Excellence Committee 
  20. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 
  21. Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects) 
  22. International Committee 
  23. IPAR Director Search Committee 
  24. Learning and Community Engagement Committee 
  25. Lyceum Committee 
  26. Orientation Committee 
  27. Responsible Conduct in Research Team
  28. Retiree and Emeriti Center Steering 
  29. Safety Committee 
  30. Search Committee for University Land Steward 
  31. Sexual Violence Advisory Committee 
  32. Student Conduct and Citizenship Committee 
  33. Summer Session Task Force 
  34. Sustainability Committee
  35. University Improvement Day Task Force
  36. VPAA/Provost Search Committee

IFO (State)

  1. Academic Affairs Committee
  2. Academic Affairs Coordinator (IFO)
  3. Academic Technology Committee (ATC)
  4. Action Committee (IFO AC)
  5. Benefits Equity Statewide Issues Committee
  6. Contingent Faculty, Ad Hoc Committee 
  7. FIC Feminist Issues Committee
  8. Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgenders and Allies Issues Committee
  9. Government Relations Committee (IFO)
  10. Investment Committee
  11. MIC: Multicultural Issues Committee (IFO)
  12. Salary Equity Committee (SEC)
  13. State Government Budget Oversight Committee

Minnesota State

  1. Academic Affairs Council
  2. Academic and Student Affairs Information Technology Council
  3. Academic and Student Affairs Policy Council
  4. Assessment for Course Placement (ACP) Committee
  5. Center for Teaching and Learning Steering Committee
  6. COPE (Council on Professional Education)
  7. Credit for Prior Learning
  8. Cross-Functional Advisory Committee
  9. D2L Advisory Committee (Desire2Learn)
  10. DCR Advisory Committee (Defined Contributions Retirement Plan)
  11. Diversity Awards Committee
  12. E-Learning Focus Group