Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) State Level Delegate Assembly

The General Delegate Assembly of the Inter Faculty Organization of the Minnesota State Universities shall be held during even-numbered years at a time and place established by the IFO Board. The IFO Board of Directors shall be responsible for making arrangements for the IFO General Delegate Assembly.

The IFO General Delegate Assembly shall be composed of the members of the IFO Board of Directors and certified delegates or alternates elected or appointed by local Faculty Associations.

Each Faculty Association President shall appoint five delegates and five alternates and an additional delegate and alternate for every fifteen IFO members at the respective state university at the time of the last IFO Board meeting in the calendar year prior to the Delegate Assembly.

The Delegate Assembly shall have the authority:

  • To propose new policies to the Board of Directors;
  • To review the existing policies of the organization and advise the Board of Directors;
  • To consider and recommend new business/Resolution items as proposed by chapter, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or individual members;
  • To recommend amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to the Board of Directors.. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted to each chapter thirty days prior to the Delegate Assembly or may be introduced at the Delegate Assembly with agreement of 2/3 of the delegates.