Audio and Video Collections

Some instructors require students to access audio and video files stored in special, online libraries or collections. WSU maintains several of these libraries. Not all instructors use these resources, but it is fairly common.
The Digital Music Project at the Darrell W. Krueger Library makes music and other audio files available through the Library Catalog.  Audio tracks can be found by going to the WSU Library Catalog and selecting "Online Music" from the Libraries and Collections drop-down menu (instructions). From off campus, you must establish a VPN connection first and Apple Quicktime must be installed on your computer in order to play the audio files.
Apple iTunes U makes course-related audio and video files available through the Apple iTunes player. There are two separate WSU iTunes U collections: private (i.e., accessible to WSU students and employees only via their campus username and password) and public. iTunes must be installed on your device prior to accessing an iTunes U collection. The latest version of iTunes and Quicktime can be downloaded from the Apple website. Once iTunes is installed, connect to WSU's iTunes U gateway site and select either the public or campus collection.


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Digital Music Project

Currently, the WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library has over 1900 audio CDs available online through its Digital Music Project.