Are You Ready For Online Learning?

Online courses differ from conventional courses. First, technology use is required though how it's used varies across courses. Before you enroll, consider how the course will apply technology and whether you are ready technologically.

Second, self-discipline is required. Some learners struggle without the familiar routine of face-to-face class meetings. Before you enroll, consider how the course is designed, the expectations of students, and whether you are ready personally.

General Technology Requirements

Some courses have specific technology requirements, described in the Course Detail information on the course registration site. All online courses require the following:

  • Reliable Internet Connectivity - For accessing course materials, communicating with your instructor, and completing assignments
  • A Reliable, Capable Computer - Either a desktop or laptop that meets or exceeds WSU minimum hardware specifications
  • Personal Productivity Software - For browsing the Web, managing email, word processing and other common academic activities
  • Multimedia Player Software - For reviewing online audio and video content
  • Campus Network Access - For accessing WSU online services and learning materials

General Course Delivery Types

Online courses come in several formats. Some require attendance in online or classroom meetings. Others allow you to complete course work any time. Before you register, consider the type of delivery that will work best for you.

  • Fully Online - Online Meetings Not Required - No scheduled class meetings; students complete all course work online at any time
  • Fully Online - Online Meetings Required - Students must attend scheduled meetings online using Web conferencing tools
  • Partially Online - Some Classroom Meetings Required - Students must attend scheduled classroom meetings in person
  • Buffet Style - Classroom or Online Meetings Required - Students must attend either scheduled classroom or online meetings
  • Buffet Style - Classroom and/or Online Meetings Optional - Class meetings are scheduled, but attendance is not required