Multimedia Player Options

One of the most common technical problems encountered by students in online courses involves accessing audio and video content. Whether watching a narrated presentation, listening to a podcast, or finding YouTube movies for an assignment, you must be able to play online audio and video files on your computer.

Typically, every computer comes with least one multimedia player already installed and configured to play a variety of file formats automatically.

If you don't have the required player, you are usually prompted to install it. WSU students who lease a laptop through the e-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program already have multiple, preinstalled multimedia players.

Students who are not leasing a laptop through WSU should install or update the following on their PC or Mac:

  • Adobe Flash Player - This free player allows you to view Flash (.swf) movies and animations, a very common media file format. View a Flash movie. If you are not able to view the movie, Download the current version.
  • Apple QuickTime - This free player allows you to view Quicktime (.mov) movies and animations, as well as several other media file formats. If you are using a recent version of Apple iTunes, it is already installed on your computer. View a Quicktime movie. If you are not able to view the movie, Download the current version.