Web Conferencing

Some instructors require students to meet online at specific times and/or offer optional online meetings to help students (e.g., virtual office hours). In these online meetings, students use web conferencing tools to communicate with their instructors and other students via text messages, audio, and video. Not all instructors use web conferencing, but it is fairly common.

WSU supports several web conferencing tools:

  • Adobe Connect is a full-featured web conferencing tool. Instructors create a Connect meeting site and provide a link to that site to their students. Students use their favorite web browser to connect to the meeting at the designated time. Connect supports text messaging and audio/video communication. It also allows attendees to present information to others during the meeting, including a live display of their own computer screen. Enter the test site for Adobe Connect to install the necessary components and to check your connection. More information about Adobe Connect.
  • Cisco WebEx is another full-featured web conferencing tool that is functionally equivalent to Adobe Connect. Some instructors prefer WebEx because it includes an integrated teleconferencing service. Enter the test site for WebEx to install the necessary components and to check your connection. More information about Cisco WebEx