What is the Supplement to Instruction Program?

The Supplement to Instruction Program (S2I) is a program where student leaders facilitate twice-weekly study sessions for a particular course. The S2I leader is paid to attend the lecture and then plans activities to structure the study sessions. 

Most S2I Leaders work 6-8 hours a week, but may increase their hours by tutoring in addition to being an S2I Leader.  Generally, S2I leaders are recruited from a list of outstanding students generated by the faculty teaching a course that is supported by the Supplement to Instruction Program. For more information, check out the S2I FAQ.

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Supplement to Instruction Sessions will begin Tuesday September 2nd.   



S2I Leader



 * Linked class titles will take you to a course survey for that class.

BIOL 209 


Alison Prodzinski  
Wed. 6:30-8pm
Fri. 8am

ST B8 (basement)
PA 229

BIOL 211 

M W F 9 am

Katie Mackay &
Hanna Vannieuwenhoven         

Tues. 6:30-8pm
Wed. 4-5:30                     

PA 237

BIOL 211  Hiddinga

Emily Radewahn &
Kirsten Bolstad

Tues. 7 - 8:30pm
Thurs 6 -7:30pm

PA 337
BIOL 211 

T H 2 pm

Ryan Emanuelson

Sun. 6-7:30 pm
Tues. 6-7:30 pm

ST 106        

BIOL 211  Wilson    

Steph Hunter &
Kaila Potting

Mon. 6-7:30pm  OR  Tues.7-8:30pm (pick one)
Thur. 5:30-7pm OR  Thur. 7-8:30pm (pick one)     

PA 329

PA 133

BIOL 212  Ragsdale    Blake Ausenhus  

Tues. 7 - 8:30pm
Thurs. 6-7:30pm

Maxwell 378

BIOL 241  Runck Mark Ash

Tues. 7 - 8:30pm
Thurs. 6 - 7:30pm

Stark 108

CHEM 210  Reuter Sumar Quint &
Mary Soderlund
Sun. 8-9:30 pm
Tues. 7:30-9 pm
ST 108
ST 106
Chem 212  

Nydegger Mike Strauss
Thurs. 7:30pm
PA 237
CHEM 350  Kopitzke

Jonathan Grimes

Sunday 7 - 8:30pm
Tues. 6-7:30 pm  

PA 229 

CHEM 350  Nalli  Alix Overgard          

Wed. 7 - 8:30pm
Thurs.7 - 8:30pm

PA 229   

PSY 210  Deyo Jacob Trione

Mon. 7-8:30pm
Thurs. 5-6:30pm

Minne 102
Minne 103