Finding a Tutor

During the fall and spring semesters Tutoring Services at Winona State uses a program called TutorTrac to share and schedule tutoring information. You will be able to search for 1-on-1 options, as well as drop-in and group sessions for various subjects. Review our Tutoring FAQ's page for more information about tutoring and TutorTrac.

Using TutorTrac to Find a Tutor (Fall and Spring Semester Only) 

Finding a tutor  is quick, easy and free. 
Follow these instructions to get started or watch the quick video on our homepage.

1. Enter through the Find a Tutor link on the Tutoring Services homepage
2. Login with your WSU email ID (omit and password
3. Select search availabilities (upper left)
4. For Center, choose Tutoring Services from the drop down
5. For Section choose the course for which you want tutoring
6. Click on search (this is the step most people miss, you may have to scroll down to see the button on the lower left)
7. Sessions marked in light blue are drop-in times, no appointment needed just hover over the time and  note the location
8. Sessions marked in bright green and yellow are 1-on-1, and small group, respectively. You do need to click on a session to sign up.